Indie game idea: Monster action/stealth


So I’ve been mulling over an indie game idea all day and I wanted some place to share it. It’s not fully developed and probably never will be because I’m no artist, game designer, or tycoon with cash to get other people to do it. It’s inspired by Evolve and modern stealth games like Styx: Master of Shadows. I hope you enjoy regardless:

Mutant (Working title)

What it is: Set in the future, the player takes on the role of an experimental “mutant” that escapes its containment to seek revenge on its creators for giving it a solemn, painful existence as a living weapon.

Focus: Stealth action game with the feature of the user playing how they want to without the game needing them to get certain upgrades to progress. This means that the game can be completed WITHOUT upgrading anything (More for a difficult achievement than anything else and EXTREMELY difficult otherwise). Due to the small nature of the game with a point of gameplay over story, the player character should be able to have the model SHOW some indication of the upgrades it has received. i.e. Level 1 armor should show minor extrusions of bone plated armor compared to a max level armor armadillo like shell.

At the start: The player kills a few harmless scientists in order to gain its first few mutation points, from that point on, what to upgrade is up to the player on the play style they prefer.

By the end: The player is a culmination of everything (Or nothing) they’ve worked for with a multitude of abilities they’ve selected, becoming the apex predator it was intended to be.

Setting: A futuristic city/lab environment. Possibly cyberpunk in nature or similar to the art style of Judge Dred or (sadly) Mindjack (Hey the game is crap but the theme is kinda cool).

The Player: A lanky, pale creature that eventually grows into whatever the player chooses. Designs vary.
Scientists: Standard sci-fi type eggheads.
Soldiers: Ranging from security guards to fully armored soldiers that the player must either avoid or charge head on into.

GAMEPLAY (The big one):
Goal: To make it through each level however the player wants to, whether that be unnoticed or ripping through enemies.

There are 3 distinct pathways available-
Pure Stealth path - For the player that wants to silently creep through the level or ambush enemies.
Fight path - For the player that doesn’t give the slightest care about stealth and wants to brutally execute and plow through enemies
Parasitic/Brood path- For the player that prefers the work to be done by minions or by having enemies turn on each other

(Added a spreadsheet to show what this would look like ^^^ (Not final or definite))

The player is not punished for taking points in different pathways and combining abilities making for some interesting ways to play. i.e. Armblades from the fight path and venom from the stealth path = Toxic armblades or tail spike from stealth and spawn minion = Ranged minion spawning (Upon injecting an unwilling host from long range).

Levels and Replay value:
The levels can be completed in a variety of routes with secrets and achievements throughout. Replay comes from ways to mutate and abilities to mix through each playthrough and with a healthy amount of difficulty levels. For the truly daring- Ultimate difficulty is a no autosave, no checkpoint, one life playthrough. Death equals going all the way back to the beginning and mutating again.

I hope you enjoyed my idea! It’ll never come to light but it’s a fun concept to think about and I certainly would love something like it so I can take a break from playing more linear stealth games. I’d love to hear your feedback or ideas!


EDIT: I’ll have this be the hub for more ideas that come to mind about the game.
-Added upgrade spreadsheet


I love these types of games where i can make my path. Especially if I can kill people!

I hope this gets made!
EDIT: I mean like someone takes your idea


My girlfriend is an aspiring artist so maybe I can persuade her to do some designs! I’m glad you like the idea!


Yes. All of it; yes.


someone make this game!!!


Hey uh @MrTalha you know when we were talking about maybe possibly wanting to make a game sometime


if I stop procrastinating I could help you with coding

but I might not stop procrastinating just put a maybe on there


Wow, sounds like an amazing concept for a game. If you put easter eggs, there should be cupcakes! Or at least a turtle made out of stone on a pedestal!

Sounds cool, I hope it could be made someday.



Good news! An indie developer paid me for my idea and the game is officially getting made!!

I’m so excited…

…that it’s April Fool’s day.


I’m gonna go kill myself now…

######jk but I hate you now