Index: [8.0] Slim vs. Rogue Val vs. Caira Balance(polls)



Who is the strongest out of the three?

  • Slim
  • Rogue Val
  • Caira

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Who is the most balanced out of the three?

  • Slimalimadingdong
  • Boom! Speed Boost!

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Who is the weakest out of the three?

  • Your healed! Don’t have to thank me!
  • Tron Val
  • Earthling

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Rogue Val

  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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yea Caira is no doubt UP


I’d like to see Caira get a slight buff, since she can only heal using 2/4 weapons/abilities. Now Val and Emet both have 2/4 also, but they have more consistent healing that doesn’t require a perk to stay balamnced. Jump Boost is my main Medic perk, and I have no trouble healing. Laz only has HB, but his laz device res and revives players. Slim has 3/4 because I count his leech gun as a major part of his healing.


Caira no doubt needs a lot of buffs, sure she slightly heals better than Val but the thing is is that she needs to land all those grenades. Which is easier said than done, now I’m not saying that Caira is underpowered or that she is unuseable. Because she is still my third most pick medic and have decent success but mostly only when playing with friends. Bunnyhopping also helps.

Caira is not UP, is simply a case of every other medic is better right now. Before 5.0 where monsters had better level one abilities, Caira was considered balance in that she had amazing healz.
Some might even call it op, but the thing that balances her out was a terrible Tickle Grenades which does only 1/3 of the damage she does while incap and Adrenaline field being nerfed to the point where there’d only really be one use per dome.

But after 5.1 every single medic has greatly improved not only their healing but also their utility, all the mean while Caira has stayed relatively the same since then.
She didn’t became UP, monsters and other medics simply became better and easier to use.

Caira Improvement

I look at the medics in a scale. Caira is fine, whereas Val is the most balanced medic. But by Val setting those standards, Caira falls short. Im not disagreeing with you, only telling you how I label her as on the verge of UP.


People really think Caira is up? Geez she’s easily the most balanced medic in the game right now with Val being slightly op and Emet being slightly up.

Caira is completely fine as she is right now.


A few updates ago, Val was buffed. Since then, she’s the most consistent medic. Her Med-Gun allows her to focus healing without any attention elsewhere. Her Tranq Gun’s duration was shortened too. Shes not very OP.

Emet is very resource-intense. He is my main medic right now, and people call him UP because he can’t easily heal like Val. He also requires teamwork for when a hunter needs heals, they can go to a Buoy for a HB. His buoys need good placement and need to cover a good area of a battle. He lacks self-sustainability, but a good shield support can help him.

Caira, as mentioned above, isn’t as easy as Val because she needs to aim her shots. Some miss and some hit, but the ones that miss are useless. She also seems UP because without reload or cap she can’t heal enough. Val has a steady stream, and cap/reload don’t effect her healing output, unless she runs out. Caira needs to reload more, so that 1 second more reload can be the difference between incap and alive. Val can charge people up, but with Caira it’s a losing battle without a shield support.


Just saying, any competent Caira player shouldn’t miss shots.

You’re trying to make Caira seem weak by comparing her to Val. Val has been overbuffed some time ago and is too strong, you shouldn’t try to compare them. Caira’s healing is easily enough to keep up with monster damage and is still the best burst healing in the game.

Yes, Caira is by far harder to play but that does not mean she is up.


I get where your coming from. I can do decent heals when players are in the air, but most can’t.

I just put the Medics into ranks. Caira seems like she strugles to heal, thus is rarely played because 1 miss can down a hunter. There’s no compensation for her there.


She can both heal teammates out of LoS behind a wall and consistantly heal herself. Not to mention the extra survivability she gets from her AF. Seems like plenty of compensation to me.

She also doesn’t struggle to heal as she still had the 2nd strongest healing in the game.


Val is not balance, she is slight OP. Her utlity is still too good to justify the great healing she now has.

If everyone was on Val’s level,

  • Laz would have spammier cloaks and healings
  • Caira would heal way stronger, and her damage would be double of the sad state that it is right now, her adrenaline field would have its cooldown drastically brought
  • Slim would of course just have stronger healing, because his damage is still the best of the medic.
  • EMET would have healz for dayz and his damage would be right where it was at launch.

Val is not balance, she is still slightly stronger than she needs to be.

But in the current state of where all the medics stand right now,

  • Val is master race,
  • meanwhile RVal and Slim are pretty solid,
  • EMET has issues without shields or a hard CC trapper to help the team out,
  • Laz is in his own little niche,
  • while Caira is just slightly lagging behind most likely due to usablity and sheer lack of utility.


Laz is on a whole different medic scale than Val imo. Hes already OP as stated by monster players.

It seems like while she can heal multiple targets at once, she can’t do a 1-on-1 heal like Val can. She also has to aim to heal, where there is no compensation for missing.

Then I’d like to see Caira de-throne Val. :caira_diaz:

This is where I’d like to see her buffed if anything. More/longer damage and a slight increase of healing.

I made a suggestion on a buff for her but people really seem to dislike it.


All medic don’t require skill to heal except caira

Great caira may not miss shot … but he will take more time to aim / use his jet to insure the hit of his grenade … that will reduce her healing potential per second

Emet has to put healing bouy in range

Val / Rogue val has 100% accuracy

Slim 30 meters for the healing burst / he has to be in combat

Laz 30 meters range

I think what caira needs is higher radius … it will improve low levels wins … I am sure she suffers a lot from low levels more than any other medic … it will make her a safer pick in high levels

  • 50 to +100 From healing burst do on her self only …


Val needs LoS and common knowledge to heal hunters that are being focused.

Laz should either have players come to him for HB or get within range to use it.

Slim needs good positioning and good mitigation.

Emet needs to keep his buoys up and in a proximity where hunters are fighting. Strong mitigation also applies. A good Emet also should keep track of his teammates so when 1 is near a buoy, he can HB.

Caira is in an awkward situation since she needs to shoot and aim teammates to heal, but I’d say medics don’t require her skill of aiming to heal. Thus she is borderline UP

If you factor in the time it takes for the nade to fly through the air and land, she can’t be far away from players that need healing, but I’m not disagreeing.

My idea that I like a lot is to give her a regen effect to her Acceleration Field. This way it doesn’t OP her healing output with nades and allows for another form of healing. People seem to dislike my idea saying shes balanced the way she is… I dunno.


Maybe I wasn’t clear about that only caira require skill to heal . my bad

Caira can’t heal outside the radius … It’s like 8 meters

If her teammate is using their jet … caira can’t heal him

Caira in some situations has to wait for her teammate to come to the ground to make sure her nade will heal him

Taking the time into account … val can out heal caira

Caira needs to aim & shot

No other medic has to do this …

Slim / laz has 30 range … it’s not hard to heal all team together


What I hate about caira that she has a tough time to decide between healing the team or heal her self … her nades can heal her

Val doesn’t heal herself except from Healburst … she can dodge and heal her teammate


I understood where you were coming from, I was just informing you on other medics. Caira requires the most skill to heal is what I am understanding from your posts.


… I doubt this :fearful:


Slim is okay as long as he dont have super-aim +hank in THAT case he is OP, and needs to be adressed. Slim is balanced with every other support.

Emet needs a buff no matter what he is clearly lacking (and no its NOT skill based as someone might say). Emet’s buoys are not healing enough with heal-bursts to counter a hard focus. His respawn beacon is a joke in a dome (i can go and take a coffee while i play monster and still destroy that beacon). Emet is only viable if the monster fails on comboing and focussing, which monsterplay is all about.

Caira is balanced all around well, she’s a bit trickier to play because of aim and team skills but her heals are good if you land them and her utility is decent. Might a little little buff could be done if you compare her to Val as she heals easier and provides more utility at the same time, Cairas damage is the lowest from the past where she was the best healer, which is Val now, so Caira would not need to take the last place in damage terms right now.

Rogue Val is pretty balanced i think, more damage and selfsustain for less monster control and team support.


This is what I’ve been trying to say. :thumbsup:
the amount of only slightly higher healing with how they’re skillshots is not a fair compensation for how bad get utility is. It may have been balance and fair in the past, but the bar has been set higher by Val and the other medics.

Either take a smidgen off Val’s healing or sprinkle some buffs on Caira’s healing. Its not balance for Val to have better and easier healing for the utility she has.


That’s the thing though, Caira doesn’t need any other form of healing/ more healing. Her healing is already pretty strong.

That said, I’d love some small utility buffs like a damage buff or an AF buff since that’s the aspects she’s lacking in, not healing.

Caira is my favourite hunter and that’s why I want her to remain balanced because let’s be honest, nothing’s more annoying than those threads that are asking for your favourite character to be nerfed :stuck_out_tongue: