Index: [8.0] Monster Balance(polls)


Monster Comparison

Who is the strongest or most OP monster?

  • Goliath
  • Meteor Goliath
  • Kraken
  • Wraith
  • Behemoth
  • Gorgon
  • They’re all equal

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Who is the most balanced monster?

  • Goli
  • Meaty
  • Karken
  • Raif
  • Bob
  • Gorgs
  • They are all equal

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Who is the weakest or most UP monster?

  • Big Ugly 1
  • Big Ugly on Fire
  • Flying spaghetti monster
  • Hips don’t lie
  • BerB
  • One Big Bad B*tch
  • They are all equal

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  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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Meteor Goliath

  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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Extra input is also valued!


Index Team :sunny:

The Index, Your Primary Source for the Meta of Evolve
Hypothetical future Support Class Ability Speculation

1- Kraken Too OP (unbearable)
2- MG is balanced except (his flame breath is too much though )

3- Goliath the most balanced

4- Behemoth lean between balance - OP a bit on consoles … on PC different story

5- Wraith is UP

6- Gorgon (not sure)


I don’t think there is a single under powered monster at the current time, though there are monsters with issues/bugs that harm their viability


What issues/bugs harm Wraith?
Or do you find her in a good spot.

I find her damage to be a little underwhelming. Though that may just be because I haven’t played against a good wraith player in so long.


Kraken may seem OP in elite player hands but in normal games he is quite UP.
MG - UP and weak, but he is strong against certain medics which lack good area healing.
Goliath - Balanced i guess
Wraith - s1 and s2 are very UP, you must hide because he is made of porcelain. S3 - more or less balanced.
Gorgon - UP against certain combos/on certain maps, but mostly balanced


We are talking about the character not the skill level !!

Kraken is Too OP


I don’t know enough about playing Wraith, but right now it seems most complaints are about angle of attack on harpoon or flamin’ daisy knowing where you are when invisible.

I consider Wraith damage potential on combo to be as devastating as it ever has been. I don’t recognise certain hunter power comps as being a reason for any monster being labelled up either.


Looks like we’re almost unanimous


How many polls are left?



Medic: created
Trapper: created
Assault: created
Monster: created
Support: will be published tomorrow

index period summary: mid next week


Thank you :slightly_smiling:


I love how 100% of the votes says kraken is the strongest/op :joy:


first time in index history actually! Usually there are some outliers but things have changed.