Index: [8.0] Hyde vs Parnell vs Torvald(polls PLS VOTE)



Who is the strongest out of the three?

  • Hyde
  • Parnell
  • Torvald

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Who is the most balanced out of the three?

  • You what mate?
  • The pain is worth it!
  • You will be mine, Beast!

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Who is the weakest out of the three?

  • Chem Trooper
  • Rage Trooper
  • Doom Trooper

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  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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  • OP
  • Balanced
  • UP

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[8.0]Parnell Balance Discussion


Hyde is just frustrating because he demands the least skill of the 3 to play. Torvald is awesome if you’re awesome, horrible if you’re horrible. Parnell is useable in all situations and great on the chase.


Hyde Doesn’t require any skill .he does easy damage . maybe this is why his teammate laugh at him . Half brain assault

Hyde is a hard pick against wraith … he melt her health so fast

I wish his FT was affective against mitigated monster / & kraken

The effectiveness of Hyde relied so much on trapper effort … IMO he relies more than other assault

Make him require a bit of skill

Lowering his damage output toxic grenade … / increasing his effectiveness / increase the range of FT … to compensate reduce FT dmg / second if needed

The best assault :
1- Torvalds
2- Hyde
3- Parnell

Torvalds & Parnell require skill … that’s what I love about them

Mark my words after nerfing capacity perk (it will do an indirect Nerf on Torvalds & Parnell ) … Hyde will be #1 on telemetry


Bump for votes :sunny:


Can we get a poll asking people for their rank? To compare it to their respectable opinion, of course. I’m curious which ranks consider which character powerful or balanced.


That’s not a good idea. @Torvald_Stavig is silver destroyer and I’m silver expert. We’d both agree that Parnell, Hyde, and Torvald are rather balanced. Maybe a slight tweak in damage to Parnell, but that’s it.


Well… there’s really nothing stopping someone for pretending they are Silver Destroyer and voting in the Silver Destroyer poll.
There’s too much opportunity for error for my tastes.


All you need is literally one poll that has BronzeSilver/Gold or something. Maybe a little more refined than that, but should suffice mostly. You don’t wanna know who voted for what, but you’d get an average ranking that you can compare to these results. If persay a lot of (lower) silver players voted characters to be balanced, they wouldn’t be seeing things from the viewpoint of someone in higher rankings than them.


Great point but

How do you know if voters didn’t vote for silver / gold / bronze just to skewed the data to influence a change ?

Second reason : takes so much to make it

Third : Low bronze players will not change the overall data

I think the votes are reasonable / fair… I am shocked for Parnell results though … 23% believe he is UP


These could be Bronze players, and that would explain why they think he’s UP.

That can be said for any poll in this thread. After you’ve voted, you can easily go back via “hide results”, and then you can vote again. If you find yourself surprised that a lot of people voted something and you want to be different, you could change your vote this way; yet if you’re afraid to be different and want to be a part of the crowd, this is a great way to join the crowd as well.

These polls are far too easily manipulated and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt anyway :laughing: