Index: [8.0] Elder Kraken vs Behemoth vs Meteor Goliath Balance(polls)


Who is the strongest monster out of the three?

  • Elder Kraken
  • Behemoth
  • Meteor Goliath

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Who is the weakest monster out of the three?

  • Kelder
  • Berb
  • Meaty

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Elder Kraken is…

  • Overpowered
  • Balance
  • Underpowered

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Behemoth is…

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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Meteor Goliath is…

  • Overpowered
  • Balance
  • Underpowered

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Index Team :sunny:

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Ive been gone for a minute is berb another name for behemoth?


Yes it is. It’s a different way of saying Bob apparently. :smile:


Elder kraken UP weaknesses

  1. mobility (traversals outside combat) should be similar with a brawler monster . Should gain higher distance than now

  2. receive too much damage . He needs a new hotbox / higher health

3- Chain Lightening is very weak against spread out team … it’s wasted ability on higher levels

In console Behemoth is OP … if played correctly

Meaty is balanced except (his flame breath is OP )


Weird lol


The Monster adaptations are not balanced. They ARE Balance!

Jokes aside, I feel like all of them are weak.
Elder Kraken: Chain Lightning and Traversals
Behemoths: Bugs, bugs and more bugs. After the bugs are fixed he would be too strong though.
Metor Goliath: Water and spread out hunters. Some weird Leaps.


These monsters are balanced. No one has really learned to combo Kelder quite yet anyway.


These polls should be platform and skill level specific if you really want accurate results.
The awkward truth is just that what may seem OP on consoles is UP on PC and vice versa.


I almost did this, but I have a good idea on what the outcome would be.


while maybe that has some solid truth for people with “big names” so to speak but i loved the look and feel for this new kraken and am trying to main him as much as possible. in doing so theres a few combos ive been noticing myself using that have been working great. i have a solid stage 1 and stage 2 build but stage 3 i havent quite figured out just yet. perks im still experimenting with but ive narrowed down to a few.

to play devils advocate i have not been going up againest top tier teams but then again with 9.0 shaking the game up, top tier teams and what they rely on most likely wont be AS (but still will be of course) relieable and those teams i feel would be my weakness (soon to hopefully not be as much so).

in short we’ll see but as for what you said there are some solid combos to be had from ol’ man kraken (kelder, whos kelder lol)

and @Rick i totally agree. you and i on at least a post or two have gone back and forth on balance but again it all came down to console vs pc (and you and i both know its not which is better or whatever its just how well things can physically be done) and it really does make a difference in terms of balance. although trs will try to ignore that to find a middle ground balance which can make the situation even harder but props to them for trying so hard at it


I’m playing Kelder in Arena and he feels FABULOUS. I don’t think we should discuss buffing Bob when he’s getting a major revamp in TU09