Incredibles 2 Coming "Soon"


Incredibles 2 has a poster at D23, along side Cars 3, Toy story 4 and Finding Dory, under the Coming Soon category.
Anyone else excited for it?


Wait another Toy story?!
I heard of finding dory for a little while
Cars 3 awesome
Can’t wait till incredible 2 come out EEEEKKKK


So Soon™ mean 11 years?


The new toy story isn’t gonna be about woody and buzz etc etc, it’s set in a different time as far as I know.
It’s gonna suck T_T


Don’t be so negative. I think that that story is kinda over anyways. We know Pixar can make some great movies. Give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s gonna be different. For the new generation. But good.


Yeah… I just don’t like change. The fact that Toy Story’s “story” is over just makes me think that they should’ve ended on a trilogy rather than keep going. :C


Ohhhhhhh shit, D23!

Screw the Disney movies, I wanna see some more Kingdom Hearts 3, upcoming Marvel projects and maybe some SW Battlefront.

Kinda funny really how Disney owns marvel and Star Wars now, wonder what’s next?



Meanwhile at Disney

But yeah, agreed, should of stopped at a trilogy, it felt complete, very satisfied with the ending.

Pixar have been very disappointing as of late with all their sequels and prequels, Inside Out got me excited for a Pixar film for the first time in a decade and it certainly didn’t disappoint.


Haven’t even seen it. Has to be translated to swedish before coming to Sweden. I’ll have to wait until it’s on dvd with English ;W;


My thoughts exactly.

But I agree. 3 was enough. We’ve had our fill.


I think you managed to accurately sum up my thoughts with that gif. Your post is perfect.


Whaaaaaaaaaat? Unlucky :confused:

But yeah, really great Pixar film, definitely up there with Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Bugs Life, ect.


The good dinosaur: Intrigued
Finding Dory: Interested
Toy Story 4: Dissapointed, but accepting.
Incredibles 2:Happy


Don’t want
didnt even enjoy the second one, not fond of the first :confused:


I’m somewhat optimistic for Incredibles 2 as the first one was great. However, recent management/owner changing has led to a decline in some of their recent work and especially their series. Cars is arguably their worst franchise (Not including the poo stain that was Planes) and we owe it all to one of the director’s behind it wanting to do Cars/Planes simply because his kids liked it. Mater was a terrible choice for a main character. (Honestly. Larry the cable guy?!? Ugghhh…) So Cars 3 sounds like an auto disaster for me. (Pun intended)

I also agree that Toy Story 3 should have been the end. I feel like they are just wanting to milk the franchise. It was a perfect trilogy and I feel simply having a 4th will diminish it. Again, I believe it’s because the creative talents at Pixar left a while ago which is why some of their more recent work is uninspired/copy catted/sequels.

While I enjoyed Finding Nemo, I don’t know how a sequel would fit. All the characters basically filled their arc. Nemo became self confident and experienced the world in a realistic way. Nemo’s father realized he can’t always control/protect everyone/everything. Dory found a family/home. Even the sharks becamse friends with the reefers.

I am disappoint in Pixar lately :frowning:

That being said, can’t wait for KH 3 :smiley:


First one was charming, thought the world they created was very imaginative, and Owen wilson’s voice makes me happy for some reason. Second one… Was not needed.


Yeah. I enjoyed the first one.

Then again, sequels are evil.


Apparently Finding Dory is Dory looking for her family, all I’ve heard is that Dory has a new friend in the shape of a Whale Shark.
Also Inside Out is great, and if The Good Dinosaur is good (heh) then I will have some more faith in Pixar.


I dunno, I feel that Inside Out is mostly a rip off of Osmosis Jones. While Inside Out did a better job of some things, the movie didn’t feel very unique.