Increased armor regeneration while IN combat


As we all know, the stamina of a Monster regenerates faster while in combat while the armor stops regenerating. But what if the armor would not only stop to regenerate while in combat but INCREASES while in combat.
Since allegedly flee till 3 is gone with 9.0, this should not be abused to stall an entire dome with no health damage.
What I expect from this are mostly 3 things:

  • The pitiful armor regeneration perk might become viable
  • Low damage comps (high defense) will deal overall less damage if they purely focus on defense
  • Comps with high dps such as with Cabot and Bucket have a bigger advantage, meaning the gap between defense and offense will grow smaller

Let me give you an example:
Let’s say the team deals 150 (A) + 130 (S) + 120 (T) + 100 (M) = 500 dps and the Monster regenerates 50 armor per second while in combat. This comp would therefore loose 10% of their damage.
An more offensive playstyle might lead to 200 (A) + 160 (S) + 140 (T) + 125 (M) = 625 dps. This playstyle would be more risky for the hunters but overall they only loose 8% of their dps to armor regeneration.

High defense and low damage => Same defense but less damage
Low defense and high damage => Same defense but slightly less damage

This might need some more balance adjustments considering armor and health pools as well as armor regen rates and the armor regen perk, but overall I think this would make the much avoided offensive playstyle more viable compared to the much preferred defensive playstyle.

An interesting restriction to the in combat armor regeneration:


this is an interesting idea.


I’ve mentioned before that armor regeneration needed a shorter delay

So seal of partial approval!



You mean armor regeneration, right?


Damn auto correct on phone


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What about making it so armor regenerates while you have armor, but not when without.

This means breaking through the monster’s armor asap is important, a comp that is on defense and unable to dish out damage would have a lot harder time breaking the monster, while a team that is on the offense is going to be cracking that defense more easily.

This makes the monster want to go in and stop the enemy from dealing damage in a defense comp, while running would leave them exposed to much higher firepower.

Assault comps on the other hand would benefit from monster aggression, allowing them to strip the regenerating defense fast and eat into the health.


Armour regen perk is the most worthless in the game and I don’t understand why they’ve left it as it is. You are giving up a lot by not picking the usual MS, DI, CDR. So it needs to be damn good to justify. How good? You manage to hide in a dome for a small number of seconds? An armour bar or two is back. Vs a strong team this will probably rarely happen because they’re so good at staying on you and spreading out if the dome has loops etc. What it would allow you to do is when the dome is down you can run and eat a bit but because you have a vastly increased armour regen you can turn back on the hunters much faster to try and catch them off guard or just do a bit more damage before running again to get more armour (would work very well if the medic dead).

It really could be made viable but the amount it needs to go up by is huge. 500%? I doubt it. 1000%? I would like to see how that feels. Surely they have telemetry that says “lol armour regen, no fool is picking this”. Increase it’s stats! We might see some different play styles.


Suggestion for armor regen perk.

  1. NO cool-down before armor starts to regenerate means monster will regenerate armor every sec even getting hit/in doom.
  2. Armor regen buff to 200-300%

At least give monster some option instead of choosing Damage/ CDR perk only.


One small addition:
Armor stops regenerating only when the armor is fully depleted.


In that case I would just add a bonus on the armor regenerated via food. Maybe even on the evolve too.
Everything increases by 100% would maybe make it viable?


I feel like that might step into Feeding Speed’s territory a little too much.

This thread brings up a good point, but I do agree with some posts I read that suggest that the armor regeneration should no longer be so fast when the Monster has run out of armor altogether.


Yes, now that I think about it a little more, that makes more sense. I will add at to the OP.


Not sure how I feel about this. As an admitted hunter main, when a monster decides to hide and run in a dome, it’s one of the most frustrating things in the game.

This would only encourage that behaviour, and reward it.


Which is why I stated that flee till 3 (exactly that behaviour) is gone with the next patch according to the devs.


Well the whole point of armour regen is that it’s the passive armour regen when you’re not being attacked as opposed to more armour when you eat. It also means that if food is scarce, this happens pretty often, then hey not as big an issue due to this perk.

It would really allow being able to try some more opportunistic attacks which could suit someones playstyle. But no, it’s an absolutely worthless perk by a mile right now.

@Insane_521 Think you guys could try putting it up to a much bigger number on your dev build and seeing how it works?


This is a great idea, never thought of doing anything like this in the game.

Having something like this will definitely provide a note even pick between the offensive and defensive comps. Because with the current build of the game defensive comps are still better as more effective than offensive ones, they’re safer and have just as good of damage.

I occasionally use Armor Regen, though it’s still a nice perk after it for its last buff. It’s still the weakest and unnecessary perk in the game. Every other perk has its better uses and Armor Regen is just a nerfed feeding perk.

Armor Regen isn’t even good at preventing chip damage as it takes too much time to regen from one shot to another.


Than why not wait until the exact details of 9.0 are released before attempting to build on top of it.


Because I had the idea right now and I will forget it if I dont write it down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So this thread is about buffing Monster Regeneration mechanics and vastly increasing Armor Regen Perk/Buff?

I could agree to this.

I tried Armor Regen on Behemoth once or twice maybe. The benefits were nice of a faster Regeneration but a few quick snacks and I was good. They’d have to make Armor Regen vastly improved to make people thing “Should I go Armor Regen?”

As it is now its pretty much any Perk besides Armor Regen and Climb Speed but Climb Speed has a lot better uses against roachers.

I mean… why go with a Perk that only works when you haven’t been shot for a long while vs a perk that allows you to keep up the pain and pressure in a fight like Cooldown Reduction?