Increased amount of cheaters?


What is going on here?

Today I met 3 probably* cheaters.

First one was a hunter. I was the mosnter, and whenever I hit the hunter (Lennox) his character “teleported/glitched” away from me. When I managed to kill 3 other hutners, and started banging on the power relay, he came there to distract and hit me. Did not occur the same issue, probably he turned it off. I wasn’t going to mess with him, I jsut destroyed the relay. Would not wanted to waste more time on him glitchign away every time he is in trouble.

Another two games were against monsters. Those monsters seemed not to care about being domed, or challenged. They were on still level one and they almost wiped out our team.
The realy suspicious one was a Kraken, whos’ shots and skills never missed his targed.
In both of these cases, they always targedeted only one hunter and they were going for that hunter, no matter what.
The Kraken managed to give our team 4 health strikes on level 1.
We lost those games obviously.

And these were only the bad kind of bots, where they ruin other’s games by creating advantage over the enemies.
I saw other bots too, where the hunters/monster were running around aimlessly, spamming their skills randomly, and pinging sometimes different directions. The hutners added nothign to the team, and the monster were no challenge at all.

So what is going on with this game?


That doesn’t sound like cheating to me. When you play monster you’ll get domed, even at stage 1. If the fight is going good for you as a monster, then you don’t need to be scared, you can overextend and get extra kills. When the hunter team has a couple of bad players or overextends, then you can sometimes kill them at stage 1, because when the first go down the rest are much easier.

When you play monster you are supposed to target 1 player, you can’t kill a whole team at once, you focus one and you kill them quick. Kraken’s can be good at aiming, his vortex is easy to hit, his mines move after the nearest enemy, his lightning gives him lots of time to target an enemy.


A lot of Hunters using teleportation


cheaters are a problem on every game, TRS is doing what they can to stop em,you probably was just very unlucky considering that cheaters compose a very very very tiny amount of the player population, but they can exponentially ruin the game for dozens of even hundreds.

heres a comprehensive guide on how to report hackers, its the only real thing you can do.

if ur looking for programs that record in-game footage,i suggest obs at get OBS classic,its completely free,very easy to setup,and it has very low hit on performance.

if you do have a nvidia geforce thats 600 series or above, you can use shadowplay,which has no hit on performance at all.

you can also use dxtory, its a paid video recording software, but its very good on what it does, it has a lot of tweaking options


The game is free, hackers have nothing to lose.