Increase Top Speed perk... what does it do exactly?


Does it increase the maximum speed you can hit, meaning it’s only useful when traversing? Does it increase the maximum speed you can move at at the time (so it buffs normal movement, sneaking, movement during abilities)? Does it give you more acceleration towards that max speed when going from 0?

It’s kinda vague when you think about it.


Um… if you mean movement speed, it makes you move faster. Sneaking, jumping, charging, etc. Everything that involves you moving goes 25% faster.


Yeah that one - the “Improve top speed” is its description.

Thanks for the clarification!


It’s a good perk! I would definitely recommend experimenting with it, on both sides.


Does it stack with the wildlife movement speed buff, or is it overwritten?

And yeah, movement speed is one of the greatest buffs in any game - there’s hardly any problem in action games that can’t be solved with more mobility :smiley:


The movement speed perk increase your base movement speeds- Namely running and sneaking if youre a monster.

Monsters run at a base land speed of 7.5 meters per second, and sneak at 5.5 meters per second.

Hunters run at a base speed of 5.5 meters per second.

Move speed simply increases these values appropriately.

Thats a negative ghostrider- They do not stack.

Is kraken still op

Perks and buffs do not stack, but buffs you find increase the stat significantly more than their perk counterpart. Though they don’t override the perk, either. For example, if you choose Damage Increase and find Damage Resistance, you get both for a short time. However, if you find Damage Increase, you gain the buff value, rather than the perk’s value. Does that make sense?


Just wanted to point out that movement speed definitely does not increase the speed of abilities as well. Behemoths traversal is still capped at its maximum speed. Krakens flight speed does not increase. Charges dont go faster, leaps dont cover distance faster, wraiths traversals dont move faster, etc- only running/sneaking.


Huh. It must be a placebo effect then. Thanks for the correction


Sure :slight_smile: Two bonuses to the same value result in application of only the higher one.

Does it work this way with healing perks/bonuses/guns/Rogue Val’s passive heal?


Yep, but if they are different you get both simultaneously. And I’m not sure what you mean by that


For example, if I take the HP regen perk as a hunter and have a Rogue Val on my team, can I get healed by my perk + Rogue Val’s passive heal + RV’s medigun simultaneously?


I don’t think so, but I am not certain on that one.


I’m like… 99% sure they do, I’ve seen two separate ‘blips’ of HP gain every few seconds when I have those two effects. Keep in mind though the HP perk only heals you when you haven’t suffered damage in the last like… 5 seconds or so/ Give or take a second.


Yes- HP regen will stack with passive regen from hunters.

The hp regen perk however will not stack with the tyrant regen buff.