Increase the evolve Meter by 25%

Nobody should be able to evolve in the first two meters, specially AI monsters, it’s way to easy to get to evolve 2, there needs an increase to the amount of food needed to evolve

No. I only say no because in competitive that first evolve could give ya the edge to have a chance. I don’t mean to shoot down your proposition so fast but it’ll be bad ;-;


I have to agree with @RustyReviewsGaming the evolve meter is fine.

Whats wrong? You salty cause some monster players are too fast for you?


No, just no, monsters do not need any nerfs, if anything they need some buffs


I know of no Monster’s that can do such a thing :wink:

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I’d like to see a shift, making t1longer but more interesting would be better than this garbage of sitting on a full evolve meter until you realise that you will get domed at evolve anyway and go for it.

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I guess he means minutes… And yes with luck and feeding speed a monster can evolve as soon as the hunters drop.

Mr. “Give me all the Monster-Nerfs” is back. Go back hating on Kraken and his Aftershock and hate on that until it get’s nerfed. After that search for a new target and I feel confident that you find a new target in no time :smile:

Lol I know I’m being a smartass

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No thank you.

Yes, let’s give the monsters with a 20% winrate an even harder time to win. No thank you.


This post is a month old lol

Always want to get the last say in lmao