Increase the base health of the relay


I just lost a match to a monster that we probably could have beaten. We continued chasing it at stage 2 it evolved to stage 3 about 380m away from the relay we were close enough to dome it after it evolved. In the dome we fought it and then it booked it to the other side of the map and destroyed the relay before we could stop it. This was in Weather Control and we fought it at the back end of the cave system in the tunnels by the south eastern most corner.

I was about 60m away from the relay when it got destroyed. I don’t think this is what was intended when the relay health was lowered.

For what it’s worth I was Abe with gunslinger bronze 3 star, rocket lord silver 1 star and mutated celerity gold 1 star and the monster was a gorgon don’t know what their perks were.


I think this is why they added the relay shields. When you’re closer to it, the relay gets more health and a shield, the patch notes said, I think.

Maybe he just outmaneuvered you? If he got you to flee and then destroyed the objective, I personally think that’s fair game.


They do.

He didn’t get us to flee. We domed him as he evolved to stage 3 on the far side of the map. He then ran straight to the relay and destroyed it.


Oh. I think the larger map size contributes to that.

I don’t know then.


I think the slightly reduced move speed of hunters might have contributed to it as well. But I’m currently happy with my move speed I just would like to be able to continue to hunt the monster at stage 2 when they have full evolve meter and not have to back off in case they evolve right in front of me and then beat my team back to the relay.

IIRC they want relays to force the fight between hunters and monster so I think they’d consider a slight buff to relay health maybe 10%


i had a similar game too against a meteorite goliath we were winning every fight from stage 1, to stage 2. but on stage 3,he did a huge run for the relay, i think we were 120m away from the relay, by the time we got there the relay was 1/3 hp
unlike your story op, we still won by timeout cause the monster kept running.


I think though that they want hunters to not cheese the relay… I think a solution here would be to give the relay a shield as if all hunters were there to begin with, but have it decay while hunters aren’t there? It stops monsters booking it after a fight and taking advantage of a weak relay.


So when the monster first evolves to stage 3 the relay gets the full shield and then it drains over X seconds? I’d find that a reasonable compromise.

It took about about 40 seconds for the monster to cover the distance to the relay and it took me around 60. Admittedly I messed up trying to boost across a cliff that added 3 seconds but it took an extra 4 seconds to come around the corner and have a LoS on the relay.

I also started with very little jetpack while the monster seemed to have all of their traversals saved up. They said after the match that was their plan to win to drag us as far away as they could evolve and then race back to the relay to destroy it.


I think the raised damage without being in a certain range is to prevent relay sniping. I’ve had to deal with it at least twice so far.

Unfortunately, the by-product is shit like this. In the case that it doesn’t get patched, the best I can say would be to plan ahead and think about when the monster is going to Evolve to S3. Factors such as how many strikes you’ve got is a major one to consider along with how much time has passed since it went to S2.


I get that but I think 15 seconds is too short a time for relay destruction especially if the monster can cross the map 15 seconds faster than the hunters can.


I had the same, nearly identical experience. Basically by putting the relay on one side of the map, it gives an advantage to the Monster which is way faster then Hunters. So the new Meta is fight in the caves, then run, evolve, and wreck the relay.


Ive actually seen this happen more than once on stream today. DEFINITELY Feel its something worth watching. This is the problem with the new relay if its going to be on the edge of a map- rather than in the middle. Strongly feel something should be done about this from what I have seen so far. Even if its deemed to not be a problem at the high end- It certainly feels like it can and will be a problem at the mid/low end.


I think it’s too late to change the locations of the relay and honestly I like the different relays but I think what Nia suggested which was on staging up to 3 the relay has full shields is a great idea.

And to make it obvious the announcer could say something like charging the relay shields get over there quickly or the relay shields have been damaged get over there to keep them up.


I was in this game, the monster was a friend of mine.

He baited us in intentionally and we fell for it. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. The power relay is there as an alternative win condition for the monster if the hunters fail to protect it.

If we hadn’t have made the mistake of chasing him, when we could have just waited at the relay, then we would have won.

It was our mistake, and we deserved that loss for making it.


The devs have said they want it to be there to force the fight and I agree. I really don’t want to enter a meta where the monster feeds in one corner of the map and you can’t chase them there because if you do you can’t stop them from destroying the relay if they evolve.

I really don’t want to encourage it’s been stage 2 for the past couple minutes better wait at the relay just in case.

Yes he did out play us and yes I’ll be on the look out for that from now on but I don’t think this is a healthy strategy for the game.


I feel the relay damage w/o a shield could be reduced slightly, just not too much to prevent toxic shit on the other end of the board.

Like I said, as it stands you need to consider how long its been since the monster went S2 and how many strikes you have. If you put those two together you’re likely to be fine, the point is: plan ahead.


And after the monster has been stage 2 for 2 or 3 minutes you just retreat to the relay/stay within 200m from then on? No pressuring the monster no trying to catch an evolve unless you have Sunny or Kala?


Yeah, I get that, what I’m saying is we could have broken off when we heard him evolve. We would have gotten there in time if we had, and we would have won.

We were over zealous, and he seized the victory with a rather clever plan. I don’t see a problem with that.

I wouldn’t be mad if they increased relay health though, they could prevent relay sniping like they did with the new feeding mechanics. Only interrupt the action based on amount of damage and distance.


I said after S2. It takes roughly 2 minutes to get to S3 from S2, that is plenty of time to catch the monster in a dome or two provided the team knows what the fuck they’re doing (which is rare considering the number of noobs lately).

Analyze the situation and make a decision. You let him goad you, so frankly, it’s your fault. As it stands, the relay health without anyone in range could use a tweak, I agree. But largely, pay attention to what the monster’s doing, there are subtle cues that can give you an idea about what they’re planning next.


Yes he did earn that win but I still don’t think it’s something that should be left in because with that in after a certain point you have to stop hunting a stage 2 monster for that relay and just leave them alone in that portion of the map because they might have enough to evolve.

So did I?

We caught the monster at stage 1 once stage 2 twice leave him with a bar of health. We then chased him into the caves where he evolved to stage 3 and it turned into race to the relay.