Increase points granted for monster wins


Simple solution to the crazy pubstomping going on.

If a monster wins, give him more points than usual. This will shoot them up the ranks, so that there are a comparable amount of monsters up top to fight the premades. Right now, there are a few hunter Gold Destroyers and no Monster Gold Destroyers.

The rankings are totally favoring monsters at every level right now. The more people that player, the more this might even out, but I think that giving monster wins more points so they move up faster will even out the matches better.

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I don’t think you understand how Ranked works friend.

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I do a little bit. Right now, the RANK for Hunters does not correspond at all to the RANK for Monsters. Therefore, this rank mode isn’t working properly.

Rank of hunters compared to other hunters is probably decently accurate, as is monster vs. monster. But Monster to Hunter rankings are not where they need to be.


Monsters gain only a few points against “Determining Rank” players and Hunters with a lower rank than them, but a Hunter team with equivalent or higher ranks will give the Monster much more points for winning.

This stops Monsters from shooting up, getting gunned down by experienced premades, shooting back down, stomping pubs, then repeating the process over and over.

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