Increase Determining Rank to 15 Matches(for TU09)


So as revealed, players start at 1500 rank points. Every single one. And the ranking process begins immediately and really Determining Rank is a facade, a curtain.

It would be better to extend that 10 match “curtain” to at least 15, if not 20 matches.

The system currently in place produces some wacky results sometimes, and with lots of noobs (hopefully) they will be frustrated by what can happen between a players first 10-20 matches.

It will help new players not get completely frustrated when they are matched up against a veteran, because they will still think the system is “testing” them.

What’s better is that matches have overall gotten shorter, so even 20 matches will be bearable. However, 20 is probably still too much for players to wait through.

So what do you guys think? And keep in mind, this should happen with the release of the Freequel.

  • 10 Placement Matches
  • 15 Placement Matches
  • 20 Placement Matches

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p.s. I had no idea what the public option did lol


It shows who voted for that option :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering the decrease in overall match time, I would say 20 matches to be the best thing to determine someone’s overall value.

Thing is, I could just as much play as soon as TU9 hits and come across some really good veteran teams (get beat) and in-between wreck those who simply haven’t played as long. In that case, I would prefer to have more matches as it would better “judge” where I stand.


I say 20 games because it’s easy for people in groups or teams to get placed in high levels.

20 games also stops people from getting misplaced in gold and not playing anymore than 10 games. Gold should be for the people with 600 wins to 100 losses, not people who get lucky.