Increase Capacity


Im curious about this perk cause I like using but when I play character that have 1 shot items like griffin does it make his harpoon shoot longer or it just increase the size of a person magazine also does it increase the dome time if you take this perk


nope it does nothing on griffin but increasing his mag size


That perk only affects tools and weapons like the Assault Rifle or Healing Grenade Launcher. Not Class Abilities.


It gives you additional .5 harpoon so you can harpoon monster and mamoth bird in the same time. Youve got 1.5 harpoons.


Sure it doesn’t increase personal shield, cloak duration and dome duration? I always wondered about this.


Positive about this.


What about Caira’s speed burst? I’d assume no running on the theme you need ammo.


Nope. Not that either.


Sweet, these are things I’ve wondered but never had the time to test. Cheers! Reload speed affects it though right? Kind of a shame capac doesn’t.


I think so.


it should.
but it doesnt.

bug since day 1.


Does it increase the duration of Super Soldier?


Capacity perk is pretty crazy on Torvald since he blows his full load with both his weapons. I also like it on Hank for more shield. Anyone know if Sunny’s shield drone gets more capacity with the perk?


I use Capacity on Parnell.

@B_Wood3235 No, it does not affect Super Soldier, or Shield.


Damn, I guess I’ll be going back to reload perk for him, thanks


Damn, son.


Capacity is either super awesome for a hunter or borderline useless.


Torvald: People think Torvald is broken, when Capacity + Torvald is broken. That is how good capacity is with Torvald. 50% more shotgun, 40% more mortars. I don’t think even the people calling for Torvald nerfs think he should be nerfed 40%. So good its Broken.

Parnell: Capacity lets him spend less time during Super soldier reloading. He already reloads rather fast with the SS buff, so reload is a bit of a diminishing return. Awesome.

Hyde: Capacity is pretty much useless, it doesn’t let him throw grenades faster, his flamethrower rarely runs out, and the minigun already has a large clip, Hyde’s problem is staying in position, not running out of ammo. Virtually useless.

Markov: Better clip on LG and AR. Makes Consistent Markov even more consistent. No effect on mines. Not a terrible perk for Markov.


Bucket: Not sure if it gives him 2 extra missiles, but if it does, that would be great. However it doesn’t effect anything else, so its rather pointless. Bucket really makes me wish there was a range increase perk.

Cabot: 50% more Damage amp? Yes please. With a good assault on your team this easily outstrips reload speed. With a bad assault, not so much, and reload speed will surpass it.

Capacity on Hank makes Hank even Hankier. Longer bursts from the Laser, and 50% more shield. Doesn’t effect the Orbital though. Oh no…

Sunny: I do believe it effects her boost, but honestly the boost doesn’t really benefit from capacity. I don’t think the drone gets buffed by it, and her mininuke suffers from a terrible rate of fire which is unaffected by Capacity. Reload easily outstrips it, as does anything that makes Sunny more mobile.


Val: More healing, not sure if it gives her an extra tranq, but doesn’t effect her sniper at all. Reload again edges this out, or damage reduction/mobility.

Lazarus: More sniper shots. That’s it. Avoid.

Capacity on Caira, more healing grenades, fewer reloads needed. I don’t play her enough to debate if reload is better. Very good, but not necessarily the best.

Slim: Again, Reload easily outstrips Capacity, it would only effect his Leech gun and you don’t need extra shots to fill up.

Trappers: I can’t think of a single trapper that would actually benefit from Capacity in a meaningful way.


To be honest I think Capacity is still better. It lets you do a looooooot more DPS as SS lasts. @Shin uses it and when we play the SS just melts Monsters.


[quote=“Applecrow, post:17, topic:53874”]
Doesn’t effect the Orbital though.
[/quote] Needs to be changed, like yesterday. If Torvald’s mortars get it so should the orbital.


Considering reloading can be done in the background and reload perk doesn’t effect the cooldown on SS, SS already gives you a reload and quick switch buff and Capacity cuts down on how often you have to reload by 50%, Capacity outshines it by quite a bit.

SS isn’t based off of damage done while its up but by a timer, you need to maximize the time you are firing during that window. If you can fire of 50% more shells, switch to rockets and fire a couple and switch back to a 50% fuller shotgun, you are getting much more up time shooting than you would with a 30% shorter reload on a standard clip.