Incorrect Message Notifications (Not a bug!)


I’m not receiving the correct color when I receive a message or when a message is replied to. It also doesn’t stay at the top like it should.

The notification showing @MaddCow is a message, but is not shown as such.


I think it depends whether they are replying to your post directly or not. If they were to reply to the topic then it would come up as the envelope icon. Same if say I was in the pm and he replied to you, it would come up as the envelope icon in my notifications.

Just don’t quote me on this as I’m not 100% sure. It’s just what I’ve noticed.


That’s what I’m thinking it is. Happens a lot now that I’m in this other group message. Really annoying though.


Do you have another phone you can use to browse the forum? I think all your problems stem from your phone since you seem to be the only person who experiences 99% of them.


No, no I do not.


Oh crow, this was a recent change, if you reply directly to someone’s post in a pm, you get a regular reply notification. If it is to the pm in general, you get a message notification.


Well, I wasn’t told and knowing my history, I could only see it as a bug.


None of us were :stuck_out_tongue: it just kinda happened with the layout change. I figured it out quickly enough since I have several pm’s so I got those notifs all the time.


Not-a-bug squashed!