Incoming Updates to the Forums


Hello all,

With Back 4 Blood and our new VR titles in the works, we have decided the forums will be undergoing a much needed update. While we will always love Evolve, our contract expired back in 2016 which means we don’t legally own the assets here on the forums. So we will be removing all Evolve related assets from the site including any flair and badges, but don’t worry! We will also be adding new ones and will make sure to replace what you have with something new that we have ownership over.

We also will be moving any Evolve related topics to the Evolve category and archiving some threads there. We don’t want you to feel like you can’t discuss your love for the game here but as we have no jurisdiction over what happens with it we feel it’s best to take steps to move on.

This won’t be an overnight process and will take some time so thank you for your patience, understanding and for sticking with us. You’re an awesome community and we can’t wait to make some new things for you.

-Turtle Rock Studios

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Ayy new stuff. Glad to see it. Not looking forward to the time of 404 errors, but shiny stuff is always welcome.


Thank you <3 Hope to make it as painless as possible!


I’m so excited!




To pay respects


Bittersweet announcement! I’ll never not feel a little sadness in my heart when I see Evolve mentioned. However, we’ll always have a special place for Evolve with our memories. The decision is completely understandable and is followed by the excitement of something new. :purple_heart:

Looking forward to our future here and all the new people it will bring. :relaxed:


Well ok then, go ahead, be careful. You don’t want to fall and hurt yourself during the construction…

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Nah! MissMurder and the other Devs will be like:


out of curiosity, for those of us that created Evolve related content, will that content be removed? or will it be retained?


I am curious about this as well. Being a fanartist I love to make and share Evolve art every now and then, but I’m wondering if there’d be anything against sharing any of it in the foreseeable future over here, hahah :p.

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Based on general copyright law, nothing should happen. The devs don’t own it and didn’t post it, so it should be like posting any other content here.

Of course, the copyright holders do have the right to ask you to remove it, but there’s no reason I can think of that says you can’t keep posting it here. Unless 2K directly says otherwise.

Also, it’s unlikely that 2Ks gonna troll the forums looking for people to hit with a C&D. So even if it was against the law, chances are you’d be fine.

(Though laws in EU are different now, so if you live there, you’d have to consult your own law books for that answer)


Agreed they will just be removing the evolve branding they do. Fan work lives on


it gets tricky with copyright, technically they’d be housing content that contains the Evolve IP. Its up to them as a company.

I have no problem if they delete the posts of mine that contain assets from the Evolve IP, but we also have the Fan Evolve Asset collection… and that contains some stuff in the “shady” category…

Just looking for confirmation of the choice, and where the boundary line is.

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Fair use comes into play with fan art and the like. Outright rips of content, that’s a bit more murky.


Haha I love that.
@Seedsy, @BobBricks yes! Fan art is definitely safe here.


Ah, thanks a bunch for the confirmation! I presumed it to be the case, but I wanted to be absolutely sure before anything, hahah :smiley:


It’ll be sad to see all those custom emojis and other things removed but I’m excited to see what they’ll be replaced with not to mention the plethora of new ones we’ll get with B4B.





Will y’all please bring back evolve? My precious memories are in there. :cry: