Include headshot quotes in multiplayer


So in solo mode if you headshot the monster, one of the hunters will have a “headshot” quote. For example, Crow will say " Nice shot… But can you do it again?" or Sunny will say " wow that was amazing do it again!" Each character has like 2 or 3 of these quotes… But they only occur in solo mode.

So this post is to suggest adding these headshot quotes to multiplayer. Anyone else want to see this happen in a future patch?


Yes please. More in game dialogue the better.

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Maybe im crazy, but im pretty sure Ive heard them say this in multiplayer as well?



That’s when you hit a weak point (made by Val, laz, or torvald). Those are the “bullseye” quotes. I think your referring to hanks when he says “ding… Too easy!”


Now that you mention it… damn, I never noticed they were Solo-exclusive.
Sounds more like a bug over anything else.


@MacMan is this a bug or is it intended to be solo only?


Only if one of the hunters says M-m-m-monster kill!

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And then Goliath comes in and pulls a c-c-c-c-combobreaker!

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