Include class abilities in the end-of-match stat screen

It’s been suggested before, but it’s a good suggestion.

For trappers and assaults, it’s not so important. Maybe # of times scanned and damage absorbed by shield. Nice little factoid we can look at.

But heal- and shield-bursting is a pivotal part of playing medic and support. For characters like Slim or we can’t even see how much healing he does per match, because it’s all done via healbursts. So I say that these stats should be included in order to bring that end of match stat screen up and make it great.

(@Sepiablitz’s idea) For monsters the damage done with melee hits could also be included.


I second this notion

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Heal bursts dor slim, ouf god.


This is a good idea!

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One again, yes to this motion

Melee damage for Monsters would be nice as well.


Especially for wraith

Hadn’t thought of that but now you mention it, yeah, I would like to know this as well.

Better implement it in the main post so that devs can notice the suggestion and quote sepia for credit for the idea

Or I could claim it as my own idea, get lots of fame and love from TRS and the community can become an internet legend!

No one can stop me now!

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Too late, made screenshot for that eventuality.
You ain’t going nowhere, buddy

backs up against the wall

Not like this…you can’t make me go to prison! You’ll never take me alive!

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