Include a post game Leaderboard?


Just want to start off by saying, this game is amazing and I’m having a great time playing it on PS4. So thank you for that first of all.

I think the whole UI design and after match report is great the way it is set up at the moment, especially the map that replays where everyone went during the game. But you NEED to add in a post game leaderboard of some sort. I don’t know if its just me, but at the end of each game, especially a long hunt for example, I want to be able to see how I did compared to my team and also how well the rest of my team performed.

I know there’s already leaderboards to compare stuff with your friends, but I mean after a specific game of hunt. Personally I think it would be a really good addition to the after match report.

Also on the topic of the post match mini map replay, you need to add the player’s name/gamertag/whatever underneath the symbol of whichever role they played. Because if someone absolutely annihilated me as the monster and I joined mid game, I want to be able to see who that player was after the match.

Hopefully some points worth considering.

Sorry if what I just wrote doesn’t make sense, just come off an all day evolve binge and its 6 am. Cba to proof read it. G’night. :v:


I agree completely. This was one of the things I asked for after the alpha. Global average really doesn’t help at all. It doesn’t take into account round length, number of encounters, ect. I want to see how my team as a whole did.


Ok I’m glad i’m not the only one haha, I really think its such a small thing to include, but would make such a big difference


Sadly a lot of players would use the leaderboard to attack/berate others for “sucking” and what not.

However, I would like to have a expanded look at how I did myself. Like my accuracy with each weapon/item, how much damage I did/taken overall, and how long I was fighting the hunters/monster. There’s other stuff to but you know what I mean.


Yeah but i still think its such an important feature to have, especially for such a team based game