Incaps granting evolution bars


I don’t remember this being a feature in the alpha and beta…or maybe I just didn’t notice it? Assuming this is something you’ve done for launch…the hell? Is this your answer to there not being enough conflict prior to stage 3 full armor buff? And if it was a feature in alpha/beta, I guess I’ll just shut up, but I clearly never got the points I needed midfight to evolve. And if this is new for launch…again…the hell? Y u nerfing Lazarus so hard? He literally has to let people get incapped. I wouldn’t really call Lazarus’ high winrate in beta be a red flag for him being overpowered. He’s a newb abuser. They’re just not aware of how he works.

I mean…I’m happy for yay force combat prior to stage 3 but…I don’t like this solution. I don’t like it one bit.


This has always been the case. Incaps have always granted bars.


Guess it was just the wildest of coincidences that in all my monster games and playing with my food I do that I just never happened to cap out during alpha/beta then…


Yeah it was like that in the beta. No idea how many bars it gave, but it definitely gave some.


I’m not sure, but I think incaps did indeed fill the evolution-meter. Multiple times that the “press V to evolve” screen showed while I was mid-fight


Ya, it’s been in all the builds. Easy to miss if you don’t realize it.


Yeah I rarely played monster, but when I did it happened at least once a game. (What can I say? I like fighting more than eating!) When you’re almost at full energy due to eating for armor before you start a fight, it doesn’t take more than a down or two to fill the bar.


Guess me and my friends just all happened to not do it while the entire rest of the community apparently did xD


Incaps granting bars makes no sense, from a design or realism standpoint in my opinion.


It’s a reward for fighting. I understand why they wanted it to happen.


Experience points?


Don’t even bring realism into this. Just don’t, alright? Realism should never hinder good gameplay.

As for design, well, it doesn’t make much of a difference, and it rewards the Monster for good combat. I think it’s fine.


it was in all builds and in my oppinion is a bad mechanic. the monster is been rewarded in two ways with a incap. a strike (except laz) and faster evolving. three with an kill (except laz again), there he has 2 minutes of free time, making his faster evolve even more safe.
this is of course a thing that should not happen vs a good hunter team, so i guess it balances itself out by not beeing a thing. still, if it happens it is too rewarding in my oppinion.


Gives the monster a reason to fight. Otherwise every fight would be a way to “drain the clock” with the monster making no progress towards filling his evolution bar. Every fight would be costly both in terms of health and time.

This way a fight where you get some incaps doesn’t punish your “progress” towards the next stage. Otherwise even if you got two incaps, you’d still have wasted around 2 minutes or so of your eating time and it would feel like the wrong decision. Now if the monster wants to fight they can still make progress towards the next stage.


Monster’s shouldn’t get a special reward for fighting prematurely.

Keeping the Monster from getting meter to get to Stage 3 is a core point of the Hunt stage.


Experience doesn’t fuel mutations, food does.


We agree on realism.

It is a needless bonus from a design perspective - they don’t need a special reward for combat.

Heck, they get down penalties on the Hunters anyway exempting a Laz revive, which makes downing easier.

Giving Monsters such a boost lessens the importance of Hunting.


Monster reasons to fight should be the confrontation at Stage 3 or a surprise attack at Stage 2.

Fighting should come at the cost of evolution progress.


yeh man they even had it in the game at E3 when they were doing their tournament to showcase the game for everyone on Twitch :slight_smile:


In this game it does. Just like killing Boars in World of Warcraft makes you more intelligent and dexterous. Just because it’s in the game and you disagree with it doesn’t mean it’s still not a valid point :slight_smile:


It’s an incentive for the monster to not just run permanently until stage 3 full armor + buff. It’s a very boring game when the monster does nothing but run away.


i agree with that. though as i pointed out in my last post the problem comes with the lower skilled hunters.

when we differentiate the skilled hunters and the mediocre hunters, we get two scenarios. one where it does not matter at all and one where it just steamroles into a win.
i know that games get balanced on top level only, everything else makes no sense, but this is a game mechanic which punishes bad players way more than it helps on high level play (not much at all). oppinions?


I disagree. I think it provides incentive for me to actually engage earlier, get strikes and evolution bars, then evolve. Plus, it doesn’t really hurt the hunters or disrupt the balance at all. Let sleeping game-mechanics be.