Incapped vs Caught in Wildlife - Different Icons or Colours?


I’ve just been wondering if having a different coloured skull icon (yellow or blue maybe) or a different icon entirely for when someone is caught by wildlife / plants versus when they’re actually incapped would help make things clearer. I’ve been running towards people healing them as Caira / Val, only to realise they needed shooting to release them.

I know clear communication helps in these situations, but I think it’s a small change that could help make things a bit clearer.

I’ve had friends confused by the whole ‘where’s the strike? They were down, weren’t they?’ thing too, which I think would be avoided by having a way of differentiating the situations.


I think so too. Perhaps a little wildlife symbol instead? Or it could be green, blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, mauve, cyan, magenta, beige…


I think the icon should be a Megamouth, Chomp Plant, Tyrant, etc with the same color as the skull to indicate the differences and when you’re incapped change it to the Skull.


I couldn’t agree more. What about a different icon for the wildlife that only temporarily grab hunters like the poison reavers?


I like that idea. I’ve certainly made that mistake, where I go to help a downed player only to get torn asunder by a tyrant. Still think think the icon should be a skull, because it’s supposed to represent the hunter’s health dwindling away. Maybe a green color would go well with it? Or perhaps keep the red skull, but just put a wildlife icon above it, to prevent confusion that they are in trouble, but a different kind of trouble?

While on the subject of different icons, I’ve noticed, in the map view, Maggie’s traps and Markov’s mines have the same symbol (a red diamond). I would also like to see differences there. I know it sounds a petty thing to get hung up on, but if I’m looking at the map and one of the traps disappear, I want to know if it was the monster blundering into a harpoon, or if there was a chance a megamouth stumbled into a mine. (I also don’t get confused with Bucket’s turrets, due to them being purple squares. Perhaps Maggie’s traps could be green circles?)


Having the hunter map icons coloured by class would make sense to me, then you instantly know which class / character they belong to.

I like your suggestions of keeping it a skull with an additional icon, or just recolouring. I like the idea of yellow or blue over green, being red / green colourblind, but that’s my own thing and it’s not a huge problem without the other colours side-by-side anyway.


Ah. The whole colorblind-thing didn’t occur to me, being not colorblind. Yeah, I think in that case, I think the wildlife icon above the red skull would most likely be the best way to do this.

Also, because I like to go on tangents (and have a twisted sense of humor), here is a pie chart.


Personally I think this is unnecessary, this is only a problem if people do not communicate and I don’t think UI should be introduce to cover a players lack of talking. It would only encourage silent teams which is not what a brilliant multiplayer game like this needs. If your in an animal you should use your mic or type.


Oh my…

I can see your point, definitely. It’s not a huge deal, just something I thought may be a small and easy change. I was thinking having the skull icon as yellow was significant enough to be clear what was happening, but small enough a change it doesn’t take up any UI real estate.


Yer I guess it would be useful for when an AI player is being eaten, have had that happen in rescue, but this game lives and dies with the ability a player has of reading the environment and if you fill it with UI to make those choices more apparent you limit risk and dilute the game imo. Plus, as I said, if people are talking theres no confusion.


True, although it’s not ‘filling the UI’, it’s changing the already present red skull to yellow, to indicate they’re not dying yet. Think of it this way…

When someone is in a plant, they get the red skull.
This ticks all the way down…
Then fills back up (they’re now ACTUALLY incapped).

This IS confusing, even if someone yells “I’m in a plant!” On their mic.

They step in a plant, they get a yellow skull.
They yell “I’m trapped in a plant!”
You know you still have a chance to save them before they’re incapped.
Once the yellow skull is empty, it becomes a red skull as usual (ACTUALLY incapped).

I think it’s a small change, but communicates much clearer in a split second.
Any thoughts? @MacMan @MrStrategio @SlabOMeat


I like this idea. I think I discussed it with some folks a while back in house, but we didn’t have time to implement it. Maybe we can revisit this. I’ll try to log it and hope it can get implemented. Thanks for the feedback.

Colorblind monster requesting dev response

This idear sounds great


Yeah maybe even making different emblems for what’s attacking because the venom hounds and blitz leopards can’t be stopped (and sometimes tyrants) but megamouths and plants can


I like them being identical because it forces your team to communicate. “Oh, its just a blitz leopard”