This is one thing that I find weird and somewhat funny in games nowadays. When a character is incapacitated they cannot move and they can only use a pistol. I find this weird since in Evolve all it takes is helping the hunter up or Daisy licking them. Why can’t the hunter get up himself? Lazy bastard. Also why does it mean when you are incapped why do you lose all of your weapons? All of a sudden Hyde can’t use the flamethrower that is attached to his arm! I’m not saying this needs to change; this mechanic is needed in this game. I just find it funny. Can someone make a meme where a trapper is incapped and the words say " Maggie! Put the dome down! Sorry Val; I fell so I lost my ability to use all of my weapons excepy this pistol." Also why do they have pistols anyways!?


Bit of a rhetorical question. For balance as you already said. If you’re injured and can’t support your whole body on your legs, then chances are you can’t lift a larger, 2-handed weapon, so using a pistol is smaller, lighter and easier to wield if you’re bleeding out.


Yes but like @Bear_Stream said the dog licking them gets them back on their feet if that’s the case I’m sure the hunter could do it on his own. I do see how this is an important mechanic but I find that pretty damn funny lol!


I understand only able to use a side arm however the option to crawl away would be nice. For both parties.

For a hunter, you get a chance to move away and for the monster, you get to see your prey…try.


A simmilar system as in GOW where you can crawl and get up by yourself (execution mode) would be nice. But I have no problem with the mechanics as they currently are…


I would say it goes back to left for dead. Your down but not out. I still had the ability to kill zombies that were attacking me. Anything that could help me not have to hear Louis scream was a good thing. Just like @Slewey said, that pistol is is your last chance. It’s doesn’t do a lot of damage because it is very small. It’s size is the only reason you can still use it in your very weak state. As for the very alien “dog” licking you, who knows whats in her saliva. There has to be another reason why Maggie would take her. She’s not the best tracker.


I wonder if anyone’s ever been able to kill the monster whilst they were incapacitated? :confounded:


I would think, Slinks. If he was low enough, it might work. It all depends on the amount of damage it does. If you both die at the same time, who wins?


There was an E3 match were that happend, the monster did well and got everyone down multiple time but of course laz was two steps ahead! Bucket was the last to go down when the monster was on a slither of health, realy down to the wire- I remember being on the edge of ma seat!
I will find the video for you when I’m not at work :wink:


Sounds neat, I look forward to it! :smiley:


I remember this match ! Absolutely epic final !..

But I’m not sure if it was Bucket’s pistol or one of his sentries…


I do seem to recall hearing about a game where one of Bucket’s sentries was destroyed by the Monster and the explosion from the attack resulted in the Monster being killed by it. I think they might have fixed that now though!


And I think this is the true cause of death of this match.

(but Bucket could have kill it xP)


Yes haha She was ticked.


There you go buddy! The match in question starts at 56:00 exactly, just wait till the end :wink:


Just have rewatched it… ^^

This match was very cool =p
At 1:13:18 Lazarus chose to revive Daisy, which actually save the game xD
(and few seconds later, it’s just like he was crushed away on the mountain !)


I’ve seen it a few times. Much cheering/moaning ensued.

The incapacitated state is a game mechanic, it’s a nice midway point between up and in the fight and dead. It gives a well coordinated team a chance to bring someone back from a beating, and it’s not nearly as static as being just dead. Something we did in L4D and liked enough to carry over into Evolve.