Inadequate content in evolve. Day 1 DLC is game culture evolving?


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I am inquiring regarding the uproar with people that are frustrated with the day 1 DLC content for the game evolve and how little content the game actually offers. I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and evolve was the first game I had purchased for my brand new Ps4 and I am quite disappointed. The game should be complete with all the hunters and monsters that would be available ( at least 5 hunters for each class and minimum 10 different monsters. that way the game doesn’t get boring for the consumers) There are plenty of games that have been created that launch their product with all the material. When it comes to games and the gaming community. All businesses are providing a service to its consumers and have the responsibility to deliver. taking actions to constantly milk more money out of people on the 1st day of launch is a slap in the face and it makes all of the companies that were involved with its creation look extremely greedy. I am not fooled for one minute that maybe the game was over budgeted so maybe you need DLC purchases to make funds back but then again many games have been made with full content. it is not too appealing when i go on the game and everything i see has a price tag to me. if you look at league of legends for example they have a great system for free to play characters and then people buy skins etc. they make a ton of money. I have bought multiple riot point cards but the environment you have created has been unpleasant. The way to make a game is to make it so addictive and fun for individuals, only then will they be willing to partake in extra purchases because the game has established credibility or set the bar. I hope that I speak on behalf on many gamers but this game shouldn’t try to ‘evolve’ game culture. I hope you can make things right in the future as it has shaken my belief in what visions turtlerock studios has for other games. Please forward this to someone who will take great light of it as they will know that it is important to them. they can tell by the chill up their spine. Thank you for your time have a good day.

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