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Anyone want any tips or help with Evolve? You can feel free to see my friend who knows a lot about it


Mom posts link to his friends (MadOMatic) youtube channel.


Square becomes suspicious.

P.s. Welcome to the forums.


His “friend” lmfao good catch, Square.

Welcome to the forums, bud.


I need a tip on how to finish my homework back when I was 16… now, I could just use some help… got a nickle? ^.^ lol


You really think that’s why my name has “MOM” in it? Think again! The real reason is cause it’s my initials, and I am not the owner of that YouTube channel.


Ah ok. Then I suggest you find a different channel to get your evolve tips.

From what I watched (could even see because of how it was recorded) the dude seems pretty bad/new at the game. I gave up on watching as soon as I noticed he was mainly using the sniper as Val, and used healburst to heal one friendly in combat with full medgun.
Edit: You could swap the Val gameplay for the Markov as well. Doesn’t tank rocks, actually manually reloads guns, no mines, overall pretty atrocious player.

I’m sure others here can give you their favorite YouTubers as well, but the one I usually watched for info on gameplay, updates, and tips, was @GrizzleMarine 's channel. High quality video, and tips. Do yourself a favor and watch him instead.

No need to rush your eyes into glasses early, by straining to watch gameplay on a tv, recorded by a phone, that isn’t even actually good gameplay. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


He actually is working on getting a capture card, but it hasn’t come in. He does things his own way, and he’s played the game for a long time. His other friend FG is the one who’s pretty bad at it and is still learning the game, and is somewhat getting a hang of it.


Which is fine, no one is arguing that. I’m just saying no one here is going to ask this man for tips or help after seeing that level of gameplay.

We have a thread specifically just for best jetpack management, let alone when/how to heal, or that your guns Auto reload when not equipped, or that you should utilize your whole kit not just your favorite weapons.

All of us have hundreds of hours into this game, and lots of us, over a thousand. I don’t want your “friend” :wink: to be disappointed if he ends up just receiving messages/comments on how to play the game instead of getting thanks for the pro strats.

I wish the best of luck on the channel.


I believe I did a video on jetpack management way back when… Still holds up… Jetpacks werent changed much.


Who needs jet pack just run around a pillar :sweat_smile:. Jet pack tips 101



Cmon man. Roach the pillar. :rofl:


FTFY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, your friend may have a basic understanding of the game as in the way roles are filled and the overall objective, but he doesn’t seem to have picked up even some of the more basic skills, as highlighted by others in this thread.


I dunno, I learned a lot :slight_smile:


We are all such cynical assholes when it comes to this game and I love it.


That’s what makes us family.