Inactive players on servers - no auto kick?


Again we carried an inactive player for an hour yesterday.
In the end we had to quit the game to finally get out of the mess.

As you may know, a bot KI kicks in while a player is away. The guy probably watched TV while we had to fight to earn the XP. Especially having to wait in the menues for an inactive player is nerve-wrecking.

Suggestion: Please kick inactive players out of a server after 15-30 minutes.


Inactive players DO get kicked in about 3 minutes of inactivity. I’ve had this happen when I had to use the washroom.

He was probably still messing around in his menu and making the game think he is still active, grabbing a ride for free wins.


Free wins but no XP, since you don’t get any XP while inactive.


I don’t mind inactive players being on the server, but I’d like to be able to hotswap into their position (i.e. when they’re trapper and the bot is useless).


I am afraid this is not the case on PS4.

Another example: A friend of mine with a PS4 had to answer a phone call, lasting about 10 minutes, and when he came back the Kraken he started did all the hard work and he only had to finish the remaining two hunters. He was very surprised to be awarded with all the XP for being AFK.

And yesterday the player was inactive over an entire Evacuation. He never selected anything in the menues and was constantly marked as inactive in the game. It really was a mess. We finally had to leave the game…