In which i have bad timing


Or actually that would be @Andrew who has terrible timing and left my computer in literal pieces with only a week to go before the big alpha!

hopefully it’ll be back up soon but right we don’t definitively know yet what’s wrong and if we guessed the borked component wrong, welll…

anyone else looking at the swiftly approaching alpha date and worrying they won’t be able to participate? come commiserate with me!


Hopefully my single use code will get me in ( steam user, can’t pre-order yet) :slight_smile:


The single use codes all but guarantee access… i fully expect mine to get me an email with a steam code in a few days… but will i be able to download and install it oh no :frowning:


Dramatic music playing



I’m a bad person :crying_cat_face:
determined to fix in time :pouting_cat: