In what hunters jetpack dodge thrust perks are good?


what are your guys toughts on this perk? is it situational? what monsters this is really good vs? is it completely worthless consider that if you dodge at the right time?

i honestly really like this perk, in a chase as a trapper when closing the distance when im close but not enough to dome him, i feel like it pushes me just enough distance to dome the monster,i also find dodging skills like rock throw,wraith blast and lighting strike much easier.

in some cases i would normally get hit by a rock throw if i was dodging the monster by like 8 to 10 meters.

but with jetpack dodge thrust i dont! its fucking awesome.

now i know what some of you guys will say… HERP DERP all monsters get grounder, this perk isnt as good as you might think

but anyways, what hunters you guys think these perks are the best at?

im experimenting with electro griffin, i went gunslinger/jetpack recharge/dodge thrust and it works pretty well for closing out a dome.


You need the gold one to dodge Kraken’s LS, because without it the burden of skill is on the monster to land it. (Which means that if the monster does his best to land it and the hunter does a perfect dodge, the hunter still ends up getting hit). With the perk LS becomes like Rock Throw again, which require proper setup to land, not just a good aim.
Other than that it’s personal taste. I like them for the extra mobility too.


I personally take dodge thrust on all medics. If you time your thrusts right and make use of your jetpack efficiently some monster players will give up targeting you and go for the assault.