In regards to the kraken


I unlocked the kraken last night, played a few matches and I would like to see a change to how you stop flying as the kraken.

Currently to stop flying you need to fly into the ground which just doesn’t work.
Two possible solutions would be where when the kraken comes within a certain distance of the ground ( close) he auto lands.
My preferred solution would be that while flying, hitting sneak will drop you to the ground ( maybe allow kraken to glide a bit rather then just dropping like a rock ). This would enhance the krakens play by making him slightly more manageable from air to ground transitions.

I found it incredibly difficult to feed if I was flying but ground level because dropping to the ground was not as easy as I feel it should be.

Tld . Landing as kraken is clunky and could use a passover.


Hold “B” to bring Kraken to the ground quickly.


Oh you have to hold… Lololol. I pressed every button the controller had! I just didn’t think to hold any of them. Could that be added to a tool tip maybe?


Yup. Good point. I will make a note. Thanks for letting us know!


Also, in the opening tutorials, it would be great if it showed which button to push. I felt the in game prompts weren’t obvious enough and when they show, you’re busy trying to run and find food. I ended up missing several


Interestingly, we did some tests with button overlays and it actually distracted from what was being said. People retained less information in those versions. :frowning:


" hold the sneak button to descend to the ground". Just throw that into that initial tutorial video. I wouldn’t say a button overlay is needed. I think most people check the keybinds before they get started anyways. At least I do. My problem was. That the hold b to descend isn’t in the keybinds for monsters as it was specific to the kraken alone.

I also think it would be wise to allow access to the options/settings menu while searching for a game


How about for a loading screen that shows a button layout? Again, the onscreen prompts did very little to help because I was focused on trying to run away and eat.


Took a look. There is a game coach lesson that pops up while you’re flying as Kraken. We’re going to add a loading screen tip as well.