In regards to the Beta


All we’ve seen is “Beta in January”. Is this indicative of a month long beta? I guess im asking because i figured maybe we would have heard a more definitive date by now if it were to just be a weekend or week during january.

It would be awesome of there was a month long beta but id guess its highly unlikely because that wouldnt leave TRS enough time to use any of the data they collect.


The beta will be in early january for maybe a week - 2 weeks max because they have to ship the game mid to end of january and still finetune it.


I’m think 1 week if we are very lucky, most likely another 3-4 day excursion :slight_smile:


Hopefully only a weekend. :slight_smile:


I dunno, I would love to play for a week, but I can only call out sick so many times & it will just make the pain of not playing it when it’s over even worst again :slight_smile:


this is true…

i still havent recovered from the alpha myself


We don’t even know ps’/pc gets one :frowning:


I would be fairly surprised to not see one. They still want some more metric data with various game modes, 3rd monster, as well as custom game lobbies and the revised progression system. I don’t think XBone alone would give them the amount of data they would like.


Depends on the deal 2K made with microsoft. If they sold their soul you guys are f*ckd :slight_smile:


I think most companies have a deal with Microsoft before most games are even announced due to the PR team wanting XBone users to ‘Be first class citizens’.


Xbone is maybe number 3? maybe 4th after the ps4.
They really want more xbone sales haha


Microsoft really supports their communi…er… their console community.


Hahaha… Oh Windows 8. -.- Also, I miss your Laz face now!


I was suprised about the wii u winning ‘best console’ but if you think about it they are atm lol :slight_smile:


Fixed. Enjoy.



Stop it!


i hope beta hits PC too. might pick up a second copy of evolve for the higher competitive scene


Just talking about game releases and such xD shoulda mentioned that, prob why wii u won?


Won what, exactly?

Oh wait nevermind, just re-read your other post.


Wahoo, sorry, I think this one looks better tbh :wink: