In Reaction to the Lennox Nerf (A change to the damage perk)


Make the damage perk stack with the multiplier. Instead of it doing an extra 9 damage per hit make that number increase with each hit. Ex: 99, first hit. 208, second hit. 306, third hit. 402, fourth hit. This gives you almost exactly damage pre-nerf but requires you to take the perk. Thoughts?


I’d really rather that not. It amplifies the base damage, not the base damage + the perk. When it is multiplied it adds the base damage x multiplier + damage perk for base damage.

Why should it add the 10% to the multiplier? The 10% is a multiplier for the base damage exclusively. If you amp damage from Cabot with damage amp it wouldn’t double 110 to 220, it would amp 110 to 210. It shouldn’t also add percentages onto the multiplier.

Personally I don’t like the nerf either due to the fact that I felt she was balanced but no nerf is done without reason. If they believed she deserved a nerf then she needed a nerf in some degree.

Additionally, this wouldn’t just affect Lennox but literally every other Hunter in the game minus the supports, just step back to think about that.


It would exclusively effect Lennox as the effect would only be added on to her. It’s also not a direct %10 increase.


Then the change would make no sense. They’d have effectively nerfed her for their reasons and then decided to give players the choice of completely reverting that nerf and instead buffing her.

I don’t like it.

Also how would this only effect Lennox? This change to damage perk to allow it to add to stacks would make it apply to all Hunters minus Supports because Cabot can amp everyone’s damage. This would effectively buff Hunters with no drawbacks to it what-so-ever.


Well fuck it then!


Increase dmg output by 10% should include this … Because you are increasing all damage done by 10%

I think it’s stubid not to involve this with the multipler

It’s common sense … whether its multipled or not

It should also work on Blitz Markov


I like it.