In-Progress Games Suggestion


If you get stuck in an in-progress game that you really don’t want to be in at all(i.e. you’re a hunter exclusive player that gets dropped into a match as a monster) then you should have a grace period of sorts where you can leave the game without a penalty. For example, while you’re still idle you have 30-45 seconds to leave the match that you were dropped into without getting stuck with the penalty for leaving.


But Hunt 2.0 is coming soon, so we won’t have to worry about that :sweat_smile:


This will be fixed in the new Title Update. Look :arrow_down:

Amazing stuff is on the way!


Hey look! Amazing stuff!

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I always request for a restart when i join a game in progress.

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I always do that with in progress monster games


And are you usually denied? I am :’(


While the new hunt update will fix joining a game as monster when you want to be a hunter and vice versa it won’t prevent you from dropping into very one sided games(i.e. you’re a monster with two bars of health left and no armour). I think it’s safe to say that nobody wants to even attempt to continue a game like that.





Will this be applied to Arena and Evacuation as well?


That I don’t know sadly :sweat_smile:


Seeing as the issue will be resolved soon would you mind closing this thread for me?

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No problem friend :smile: