In & Out of Combat: What are the exact thresholds?


This is a question I hope @macman can answer.

After watching ManiacSquirrel on twitch, I discovered that there are certain thresholds you have to meet in order for the monster to be considered “in combat,” which grants him quicker ability cooldowns & better traversal stamina regen. (If you’re not familiar with this, what this boils down to is that many times when you’re chasing a monster that likes to run, you should not be shooting him from a distance because it will help him get away faster)

However, ManiacSquirrel mentioned that there is both a damage & distance threshold for being considered in combat. So, shooting him with Laz’s sniper rifle supposedly doesn’t do enough damage to make him in combat, and in the same way shooting from a far distance with Cabot’s Railgun doesn’t trigger it because you’re too far away.

So, I’m curious what the rules are for this, so that we can know when its safe to shoot the monster and when we should refrain.


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