In Need Of A Team (Xbox One)


Well, I’ve recently been placed in Bronze Destroyer and played a round with this one team lastnight. And boy this Tem was bad, I mean really bad. I was Bucket and I taged the monster 7 times and Maggie, MAGGIE WITH DAISY, could not dome the monster once. Even with seven tags and Daisy. I had 147 in to the next rank, and I lost 70 POINTS, AND I GOT DEMOTED TO BRONZE ELITE. Highly inaccruate, Mathematically speaking. I would have roughly 77 left into the next rank. TRS, this also a bug and I just wanted to point that out. Anyway, I looking for a good team. I need Medic, Trapper, and Assault. That could change, but i’ll keep you updated. So, if you ever want to play me, My Gamertag is Drew The Jackal. Type that in find someone and send a message and I’ll be happy to play. Also, looking for some friends :cry: Well, yeah. So give me your Gamertag in the comments and try to play with you. Be sure to Like, Comment, And Share. That’s All And Happy Hunting :grinning:


In Need Of A Team