In Need of a PC Headset


I am looking for a new gaming headset. I’m in no rush. I need it by February 10. Anyone have a recommendation?


whats your budget? do you like on top of ear or over the ears?


This thread could help you, Gaming Headset


I’d like to keep it below $150 but will to go to $200. I’d like over ear. I want a good sound quality.


I’ll tell you what I tell everyone; I do not recommend headsets. Get a good pair of headphones with a standalone microphone. You’ll get much, much better quality for both if you go this route. After having to buy headsets year after year of them breaking, I do not regret spending some good money on a decent pair of cans which have lasted me for what is going on three years. If you’re wondering, I got the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 250 ohms. Absolutely love them.

As for my suggestion, grab a pair of these: Sony MDR7506.
They have really good reviews, and this leaves you with a ton of money to grab a good microphone. I, personally would go for a Blue Snowball.

This fits your budget, and is a little bit under assuming you get shipping at a decent price. You could also just skimp the microphone and buy a $15 stand up one from Walmart, which if you don’t care about a quality microphone, this will work fine. Then again, audio is kind of important to me. Not enough to spend more than $300 on a pair of cans, but enough for me to never recommend a headset. I’m sure you can find a good headset, but it’s much harder to get a decent headset compared to headphones. I’m also not very interested in them, and haven’t done much research as to what is in the market recently.


That is a great suggestion. I like the idea of a standalone mic. My only issue is that my PC is connected to my TV. I like to play on my couch. How is the range on the snowball? Is it possible to have it further away and still have it pick up my voice?


I have a plantronics gamescom headset, I have had it for over 2 years now and I love it. It’s super cheap

When it was first released it was 60 bucks but because newer models came out the price went down dramatically. I will never use another headset. The cords are super thick so they don’t frail, get wrinkled up, or break.


The Snowball has a couple settings on it that you can change with a switch on the back. Here is the online manual. Basically, if you put it on the 3rd setting, you’d be able to hear everything going on. I pretty much only use the 2nd setting, and when on Skype my buddies can hear me when I’m across the room (probably 15+ feet, being loud and clear), so I don’t think you’ll have a problem with range. Only issue I have with mine is I don’t quite like the stand that it comes with, but it’s just a simple screw off head, so it should fit on any stand if I ever get around to purchasing one. The cord is a bit short too, I think it is 3 feet.


I’ve always heard from audiophiles that the way to go is buy good headphones then a clip on mic. Since the actual quality on the headphones and mic are usually subpar compared to anything bought separately.

Here are some awesome headphones and a place to get started then get



If you want to stay in a medium price class, id recommend the steelseries siberia v2,
ist not even 100€, its really comfy and the sound is perfect! Many pro Gamers are using them (like reaaaaly many) and my personal experiences with it are also very good.

Im playing a lot of CS:GO, where sound is one of the most importent parts of the game, and i have no problems tracing footsteps back to their origin in all directions (even above or below)


Not a bad idea. I picked up a Blue Yeti awhile ago, but never really used it. Those headphones look really comfortable. I currently use Turtle Beach PX21s, but I’d like to upgrade sometime.


I’ve always really liked my Astro A40s, a little pricey but they retain value, something to consider.


My budget was a lot lower than yours.After trying from friends the Kraken Pro and Steelseries siberia v2 i went with steelseries simply because of how comfortable they are.


Agree with everyone in that you buy headphones and not a headset. It makes a huge difference.


Thanks everyone. It sounds like that’s the way to go.


I don’t think it really matters… I would never buy used headphones from anybody, get it from a friend, maybe, but from a stranger, hell no. It’s like a toothbrush for me.

@SnugglesTheConqueror Like everybody in here says, good headphones with separate mic will be much better then a headset. BUT, that’s if you are playing on only PC. If you are also playing on consoles, you will not buy a headphones for each and everyone, it’s not cost effective.
I bought for that reason. It works with EVERYTHING that has OPTICAL output, to make it use microphone, you use USB cable. And it’s wireless, some consider it a bad thing, i consider it a plus - comes with a charging station and 2 batteries, so there is no downtime to play.
It’s a solution to very specific problem, and i don’t think you need that, so go ahead and listen to what people say here, they are very right.


Who said about buying used headphones?


I quoted DamJess and responded to her comment.


Is she saying smthing about used ones?Sorry english not my native :smiley:


No, she only said that Astro A40 are staying longer worth more money then others. Implying that if somebody would buy them, use them, he would get more money IF sold used.