In need of a better chair


Wassup guys

So currently I’m using a chair I was given, but the thing really kills my back. This is the situation I’m in.

  • I sit behind my desk for about 4-6h a day. This is for gaming and for work.
  • I’m a teacher and have longish dreadlocks that I tie together when working. After a whole days work my neck really hurts so I want a high chair that allows my head to rest as well in between games or when I take a break.
  • I don’t really have a price in mind but I don’t think I need a chair that cost 1000 euro for the time I sit in it.

I’m thinking about buying a DxRacer. Since most streamers use it and they have to sit for shitlong periods of time so I guess they’re not to bad.

Do you guys have any experience with the DxRacer and what do you guys think? Do you think I should get one or do you rather say “Dude you’re nuts if you’re going to buy a new chair just invest in a proper ergonomics chair”?

Any imput is very appreciated!



I’m looking at getting the herman miller embody chair one day although it has no head rest. Expensive but well respected chair.


I love my couch ^.^ I’m a console gamer though so… abort


Just bought a Need4Seat and i am amazed… There is not that much difference between those two… so go for it.


I did look into those as well, but they are a bit to expensive for the time I use it and specially the embody. It’s a very sexy chair though :ok_hand:


Oh yeah forgot to mention, I’m a PC gamer. And the seating is the only thing I hate about PC gaming.


What about a Markus chair from IKEA or somethin’? I have one myself. <3 it.


I have an ikea chair now myself and I don’t want to get the same back pain like I have now. They might be very good, but I’m hesitant :frowning:


no words needed