In Meamorium of Elite Skins


I really miss my Elite skins that I worked on. I noticed there was a “Prime” skin, but I’d like to know where have the Elite Monster skins gone? Will we get them back?


Hope so, I really enjoyed the albino skins.


You get elite skins at character level 20 and prime skins at character level 40


Never knew that. Glad to know they aren’t gone. Thanks Void


You can still get them each monster has a elite and prime skin, and hunters get the elite weapon skin and hunter skin.


what level do you get the skins at now? I’ve heard 20 and 40 but I have Behemoth at 20 and no skin.


Last time I checked this the skins elite was lvl 35 and the prime 40 but I not 2 sure I would have to double check.


That’s correct, Cliff confirmed the old elites are level 35.


Oh yay! Yeah I was in a game with Chloe and forgot to ask her haha. Thanks Team