In London this weekend


Hey guys- If any of our English forumites are near The Lowlander Grand Cafe in London tonight, stop in and say HI! Gonna be there eating and drinking beer around 7:30.


you guys should do a world tour, next stop Stuttgart (germany, in case you confuse it with stuttgart, easter islands).


I was in Munich yesterday and Hamburg the day before that, but didn’t get a chance to do anything outside of press events and a quick dinner. @Chloe was in London and Spain this week, as well.
Being in London over the weekend means I get to get out a bit. :smile:


I saw a video of Chloe doing interviews recently and she talks in a British accent when I always see her speaking in an American one, does she switch up her accents when she’s in the UK and switches to an American one when in NA?


Haha. Freaks me out too. She can give you the details, but she lived in the UK for many years (grew up there?) and can swap back and forth easily.


That’s so cool. Both her accents are on point.


Link to video please


British Chloe


lol too cute

Did she confirm a Daisy plushy in production?

@Devs if someone can post a pic of the bloody cupcakes that was mention when the hunters died that would be awesome.

Can’t wait to see the de-bearding video you guys make when game copies hit shelves.



Shame you weren’t here a month or two earlier to see the poppies.


I don’t drink, but if I ever did, I would gladly do that with you guys Hell, I’d even just eat pretzels and hang out with you guys. You are very down to Earth and I appreciate the hell out of that.


Come to France already!


But you are Harry Ellis. Surely you just lounge about your coke fueled towers in America :stuck_out_tongue:


Its there if you want to see the cupcake :smile: On the Parnell Pwnage one.


I also am dead so it doesn’t really matter! :smile:


Say something next time you are in munich, so we can have some beers together! @SlabOMeat, Btw, will you guys be at this years Gamescom?


Not sure what the plan for Gamescom is this year. We shall see!


So I’ve been told there’s a pretty awesome comic shop in London called Forbidden Planet. Thinking about walking over and checking it out today. Anyone know of it?


I’ve only been to it once in London but their Bristol shop is great - even if your not spending any money it’s pretty epic


Forbidden planet is pretty cool. We have them all over the UK :slight_smile: Enjoy!