In good old defend


It always shows the monster with four abilities… dose the monster choose the the point spread or is it all maxed out. Also while im at it if you shoot a egg with the rail cannon does it continue to deal damage… Riddle me that batman


It’s like a normal startup only you choose 9 points at the start before the map loads instead of the normal 3.


Thank u but do you know what the answer the second one is


I don’t understand the question? The Railgun does a single moment of damage. Damage is dependent on target being hit and whether it went through a wall or not.


If you watch the livestream, they say that the monster starts at stage 3. IDK about the rail cannon, it should only have a single hit


Ok thank u the question was about if it hit a egg could it still hit the monster


I would think so if it’s within 40m just like any other surface. Same as if you hit a minion. You can hit 2 minions and a monster with 1 shot.


I bet all u guys are like…


Didn’t think that at all. That being said, totally stealing that picture though :slight_smile:


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