In-game Unlockables


Given that all of the hunters are unique in their own right and have specific loadouts, are there any items in the game that you can unlock to further customize them as you progress in the game (or level up? is there a lvl’ing system?) or are any and all customization items only available through DLC purchase?


You can unlock perks for both the Hunters and Monsters. I think it’s likely you’ll be able to unlock new skins as well but there hasn’t been a lot of talk about it


There has also been some indication that there will be tiers of hunters and monsters to unlock - If I am remembering properly, players start with maggie, hank, val, markov, and goliath, then play to unlock griffin, bucket, lazarus, hyde, and kraken, then after that the unnamed third set of characters.


Also on the evolve web page it says you can unlock skins


@Goldendude3 That’s good to hear, I was wary about that since one of the pre-order bonus was a Goliath skin and I assumed skins would be more of a DLC thing. Can you link to me that statement if it’s not too much trouble.