In game unlockable skins


It would be rewarding to have a certain amount of earnable unlockable skins in game. Im very happy with this game and still very excited about its release. Im aware of the free maps with game modes and the cost its takes to create these play spaces and thankful. It would feel 100% complete in my perspective to have a set number of skins earnable in game along with the DLC skins. I purchased a few monster and hunter skins along with the hunter season pass so i have no issues paying for extra content. It just feels natural to have a goal to work towards to show off what you earned in game. Monster slayer skins, hunter slayer skins, hunt skins, nest skins, etc. It would also be cool if the skin changed the hunters outfit as well like the weapons. Its an adjustment suggestion. Let me know what you think Turle Rock and fellow hunters and monsters out in the wild.


There’s elite skins unlockable for every human and monster character, do you mean beyond that as well? I like unlockables too, in terms of skins though at this stage theyre all DLC other than the elites.


I don’t mean to deprive from your post but the elite skins are all underwhelming. I personally love the game but they’re not that great. :confused:


that’s fine, I wasn’t really commenting on the quality of the skins, just answering the question :slight_smile:


I mean beyond as well for unlockable skins for all playable role’s. Example, killed 100 monster’s unlock monster slayer skin, killed 100 hunters unlock hunter killer skin, etc.


Yeah cool. It’d be awesome to see but they haven’t got anything like that developed at this stage that they’ve mentioned in threads or livestreams or anything.


I think skin additions that are a little lore breaking could be pretty fun/funny…

Seeing a pikachu skin on the Kraken would probably crack me up xD

Then again… I probably wouldnt be able to beat him cause I’d be laughing too hard xD


I believe that if you eat an amount of hunters you get the corpse eater skins for the monsters. Could anyone tell me if I’m right or note cause I know that there are corpse eater skins


That would be awesome as well. Serious and funny skins would be cool. Prison jump suit skins, holiday skins, unicorn skins.


i feel that was a rumour a few weeks back but then confirmed it was a purchase one as well. I’ve read lots of threads and played lots of game the past week though so my memory is a little foggy.


How come it doesn’t come up on the evolve store because I can’t find it.


I would imagine because it either isn’t a confirmed skin (there was a whole bunch flying around) or because you’re right and its unlockable :slight_smile: I hope the latter.


I’ll make a new thread about it.


I think elite skins would be better if the crown you get stayed over your heard in game


It’s perfectly fine that skins other than elite skins can only be purchased in the store. What annoys me is that every skin in the store is a rather underwhelming recolor. I’d gladly buy some since I love this game and I’d love to support Turtle Rock Studios but those skins really aren’t that great. Recolors are lame.


I dunno, the big skin is nice though. I saw someone play as a bog goliath and then I couldn’t see him when he was hiding in the bush. The skins can kinda benefit you on different maps. But I’m guessing that you would like to customise the monster a bit more like different head shape, different spikes and stuff like that.


I would have been nice if there were actual unlockable skins outside the “elite” ones.

I don’t think the reaction to day one DLC skins up the wazoo would have been so harsh if there had been some in-game.


I wouldn’t mind there being skins acquirable by completing the in game challenges, but id rather have the monster (and hunter if its atrocious) dlc price reduced a little if I had to choose just one.

Reducing that/those prices would make a lot of the circle jerkers have one less thing to complain about and I think a lot more people would buy them. Right now it almost cost as much as the full game to get just 4 hunters, 3 skins, and a monster. 40 - 45 buckaroonies if taxes are a thing just for that, and thatll be $60 if the 5th monster is $15 as well. I think 10 wing wangs for a monster would be a little better and we’ll have to see what the hunters cost.


I purchased the BOG skin pack and its pretty effective and looks awesome on the monster’s.


Cause green… Is amazing.