In game Store: Everything showing as Purchased!


I own the Hunting Season pass, Monster Expansion Pack, PC Monster Race Skin pack & the Savage Goliath skin. However, when I go into the in-game store, every single item is displayed as purchased.

What’s the deal? Anyone else experienced this?


PC Monster Race pretty much means that you get everything for free.


That is odd, the PCMR doesn’t give all the skins as far as I know. Thanks for the bug report!


Yeah it did this to me as well. It was an interesting thing to say the least lol.


I forgot to add, in case anyone is wondering. No you can’t actually use them because you don’t own them, it won’t let you.
All this bug does is severely annoy you by making it so you can’t buy or use any of the skins lol.


PC Monster Race pretty much means that you get everything for free.

No, no it doesn’t unfortuanately. As another poster said, all this glitch is doing is preventing those who would like to genuinely purchase things from the in-game store from doing so.


Wait, you mean it displays even the Hunter skins as “Purchased”? Because that is a bug.

If so, that sucks.


Wow then can you employ those skins in game?


As worksa10 already said, no, no you can’t.


whoops skipped the centre xD


Just checked and everything in the Store is displaying as it should now - what I own is purchased but everything else isn’t. Not sure if it was a one time thing, or if an update has fixed it.