In-Game Store Bug?


Every time I click on the store, my game automatically closes.
Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this or what…

EDIT: The problem went away, for whatever reason.


Switched topic to Bugs. I don’t have this problem; seems pretty odd.

Anyone else with this to confirm its not only on your end?


Seems to be just me. I’ve asked a few of my friends, but the store works just fine for them.
Not sure why it’s doing this…


Need major help!!! I put in evolve disc today and it’s making me reinstall it . On top of that it says the Hunters skins are ready to install but I never bought any hunter skins only monster skins and it’s making me reinstall those too??


The store on the X1 isn’t working for me since sometime yesterday, as it stopped working so did a few skins I had bought as well as a few from preorder.


yup skins missing, store not working