In game request


Randomize the perks again. as it stands right now as a monster player I love the wildlife settings too much…The buffs would be better with the 3 random places with the time delay.

Also, please give a character an actuall bright yellow and orange squishy hammer that nerfs the monster when struck. or at least gives out an adorable squeak! (perhaps KALA variant)


I have no idea what you mean by any of this.


Ok let me try here.

Before… in leagacy.

The wild buff perks were set to appear randomly across three locations.

I would prefer this method of delivery vs. How the game is currently handling the buffs. (Now the buffs are always in same location)

The nerf hammer is just a fun twist that couod be used in variant. (Not all mods have to be serious) ti have some levity.

Why @rapterror took this on themselves to basically be a troll os beyond me.


So… because I can’t understand your suggestion, you automatically call me a troll, rather than attempt to simply explain yourself better? Lol, okay.


Well yor comment came off kinda mean hearted. Thats all.

And the explanation is basically the same thing as typed before.


I literally stated that I didn’t know what you meant. Because I didn’t. But okay.


Please stop…


It did seem a little crass, and I can understand why @Kathryn_James might have thought that.

He didn’t try to be rude or troll, but he really didn’t understand your suggestion, so he asked if you could clarify for him, that’s all. :slight_smile:

@Rapterror I think they mean that they’d prefer wildlife buffs which were randomly spawning, not the current periodic and constant placement it has currently.


Thank for the assist.