In-game, first person, Spectator Mode!


Sometimes i just want to watch my friends’ games or high ranked people’s matches so I’d like to see a first person spectator mode which allow us to watch matches from players’ eyes. Obviously third person for monsters. That would add a lot to the game!


A spectator mode is already in the works.


Any offical source?

Is it gonna be fps or third person like we do atm?


No details yet :frowning:


Cool! :blush:


I spectated once it glitched I joined as medic then it said someone was already medic and their was already 5 people and I could spectate monster and hunters and I won as monster when i spectated him


But I’m talking about first person view. Not 3rd person.


I could if it glitched that I could in that game they should use that glitch and make it a mode