In-Game Currency Suggestion


I love this game and it’s concept of 4v1, but I can’t help but feel like I was gimped out of content. I have no problem with dlc, it’s supporting the game to make more content that would otherwise not be made because of time restraints/other limitations. But all of this day one dlc means they DID have the time and manpower to make it, but are still charging more for it.

My suggestion is that there should some way of earning the skins that currently exist by way of in game currency of some sort. It would give players an objective to work towards other than achievements, and personally I feel it would be a fair way of “soft-locking” content no matter how long you would have to grind for it, and some people would still straight up buy the skins with real money. In fact, I’m betting MOST people would still buy the skins with real money, but there would be far less complaints because people wouldn’t feel like they were locked out of a large part of the game.

Please add a way of earning all (current/already made) dlc for free, even if it takes a looong time to grind.


This is one of the only examples of day 1 dlc that isn’t an issue… the skins are not something that took up a lot of manpower or resources


What would be the problem with earning them for free then, if it doesn’t take much work in the first place?


These DLC skins aren’t going to get more people to buy the game, there’s no financial incentive for 2k to give them to you for free


I personally don’t have a problem with the DLC and think it’s great to have the ability to get skins for the game even as early as day 1. I do however think it’d be a great idea to give the players an option to get the skins via gameplay of some kind. I think there’d be less backlash on them and at the same time the players wouldn’t be quite as “butthurt” about the DLC. Could be a win/win since they obviously want 2 things; 1. People to buy play their game and 2. Make money so they can continue to make and support the game further down the road. Giving the players an option to buy the DLC skins with an in-game currency will make the people who want the DLC either shell out money to buy it or play the game a lot to grind out whatever’s needed to purchase it. Either way they’re making money and getting people to play their game.


But it would give a reason to play longer, and if players stay invested in the game longer, they are more likely to pay for dlc down the line.


How are skins a reason to play longer?

People will play the game for as long as it’s fun, and they’ll stop when it’s no longer fun. Unlockable skins don’t make the gameplay more fun… they just create more of a grind where you’ll get players playing incorrectly to try and meet certain goals

You already see it with the mastery system (Val’s just shooting their sniper rifle to try to get unlocks and ignoring medgun for example) Adding any other unlockable content will just reinforce that kind of behavior which is actually detrimental to gameplay


Or they could have separate skins exclusive to those who unlock them in game. Then, you could tell who earned a skin and who payed for it.


they already have this… you get new skins when you master characters unless i’m mistaken


A currency-like system would not have the negative effects of achievement hunting as it has no special requirements other than maybe win and earn more. Players like seeing big numbers and the feeling of progress, simply earning currency can be fun.


True, the Elite skins count, but I still agree with the first post


They could even add in other things to buy with the in-game currency, like emblem stuff (foreground/background). It’d give people something else to work for. Think of it rather than just chasing the carrot, you’re chasing an entire veggie tray (given that there are multiple things to purchase with in-game currency).


I want things for free too. But I also want people to buy the things I sell too instead of me giving them away for free.


Isn’t this the kind of behavior that most people are trying to get rid of in games?

You’re basically asking for a false reward system that triggers your brain to release dopamine and create a false sense of accomplishment. Developers rely on that tactic to get people hooked on shitty games.

If we’re giving it away for free, why isn’t it just included with purchase then? I paid $60+ dollars for this game, why do I have to work to unlock it?

This kind of thing should be a business transaction, not a time sink. Making it unlockable punishes people who spent the money but don’t have enough free time to poop sock their way through until they unlock everything


I’m confused, you support having to pay more for a skin(or it’s implied that you do), but argue that a currency system locks players out of content. I argue that having to pay for the skins locks people out of content.

Please keep in mind that I also support having the option to pay for skins if you can’t/won’t grind for them.

The reason I made the first post is that I think this day one dlc SHOULD be included in the base game, you just need to unlock it similar to how you unlock the hunters and monsters.

The behavior that most people are trying the get rid of in video games is the behavior of being required to pay more for content that is already available in game, not the ability to unlock content for free.

Also, how is it a false reward system if you can earn new content through the currency that you would otherwise have to pay for?