In-game conversations


Maggie: Daisy don’t die.
Laz: Enough playing dead, hound.

Have you heard such situational stuff that sort of shows the differences between the hunters?


Lazarus is normally very friendly with daisy, even asking her if she is okay when reviving her.

Never heard that one, however.


Laz: “Rectum plant here! … What?”


Everyone is friendly with her I think. Especially if she revives them.


Torvald: “damn dog get your paws of my chasis!!! Lick me anymore and I’ll rust!!!”


When I heard Markov complaining about an itch that he couldn’t properly scratch I wasn’t thinking it was his ass the first time… thankfully Griffin guess (or somehow knew?) right and set my mind at rest… but what if he knew before hand?

Dum dum dum…


I’ve heard a lot of in-game dialogue. A lot of them give the Hunters a little bit more depth. Probably some of the funnier lines come from Bucket though:

  • “Prepare for Bucketfall!” - said when returning on the dropship after dying
  • “Let’s violate some warranties!”
  • “Ah, I see you are on your ass again, typical…” - When picking up an incapped teammate
  • “Well, fuck…” - when he is the last one alive


  • “I’m gonna fucking melt the fucking monsters face with my fucking flamethrower!” “That’s what I like to hear!” (Cabot)
  • “Aww, little girl wants herself a trophy?” (Hyde) “I need some more tissue samples you giant jerk” (Caira)


  • “Hey! We shot all of its armor! Yay, team!”
  • “It’s ablative coat is gone!”
  • “Whosagoodtrapjaw? You are! Look at your waggy butt!” - Caira talking to Daisy


  • “What’s your brother’s name?” (Sunny) “Frank. Good name.” (Crow)
  • The whole conversation about Gobi being the new team mascot
  • The exchange between Sunny and Crow about how Gobi thinks Crow is his Mom


  • “Bzz. Bzz.”
  • Slim talking about all of his basilisk solider modifications (extra lungs, hard exoskeleton)


  • “What about the time you wrestled the orion terrosaur?” (Hyde) “Ah, I keep telling you, that was a cartoon!” (Griffin)

There’s a YouTube video of 25 minutes of various Hunter dialogue (including some T4’s). I’ll see if I can find it. I really like it.