In game Community


So far has been really great, been playing game after game all day now, and only had to mute 3 people all day, that isn’t bad at all, that is really good for an online game.

Even the ones muted were just a few people that think nitpicking and telling people they suck, or to do more of something they are already doing all they can do of, is “Helpful, Constructive criticism” lol.

Other than that everyone has been great, talkative, fun, etc… hope to see more polite people to play with over the lifespan of the game!


yeah for the most part iv seen people stay positive in learning the game. although i had this one guy yell “thrown the dam dome you shit” then i dome the monster right then and there. then the monster is trying to evade us inside and he goes “why the hell would you dome here in this stupid arena stupid trapper”

epic facepalm. we won that match cuz i domed again and ended.


I will be working so i won’t be able to play those 2 days.But in the first 24 hours i played 15 or 16 hours.I never met anyone worth muting.Its the opposite for me.People just don’t talk :slight_smile:


People usually don’t talk until you do I find. Once one person does suddenly everyone else has a mic too x3