In-game chat [text] PC



I can’t find where/how to type messages in-game. I see the keybinding setting for PUSH TO TALK and assume that’s for voice. I was thinking in-game text chat doesn’t exist until another player did it, apologising for lagging.

From searches, it seems there’s no console, in a PC game that is.

I suspect when someone tells me, it’ll be very obvious.

Assistance for this returning n00b please. :slight_smile:


Press enter to talk to your team and type /all followed by whatever you want to say to talk to the other side.


Unfortunately at this time we don’t have chat history show up when you hit enter. I’m hoping we can change that soon.

Is planned an improved text chat?

It’s hard coded to Enter, @snowkissed is this something that could be changed to add a keybinding for it?


I think so. Will look into it when I’m at work!


Thanks all.

This is documented somewhere?

I’ve a lot to remember and catch up on and wonder what else I’m missing. Still early days for Stage 2.


I really wish this was a thing Via Console.


I don’t think so.

But yes, you press Enter to chat.
It’s also not as well known, but if you type


before your message everyone can see it, including your opponent in the match.