In Game Chat For PS4 Is Still Horrible


I noticed some threads from wayyyyyy back in Feb that have highlighted this issue in the game but I am curious as to whether the devs here did anything about it? The in-game chat for PS4 is still unbearable and totally unusable. The resolution is just way too low and with a game like this that is so based on teamwork…it really makes it hard to play effectively as a team.

Do the developers still look into things like this? It seems like such a quick easy fix that would make the game much more fluid!

Edit: P.S. By the way, I just downloaded this game and started playing it for the first time last night so if I sound like a big noob, then that’s cause I am. On that note as well, I noticed it takes FOREVER to find a game so if anyone here wants to train my noob self, please add me on PS4 at Nebulai93.


Yea, I also did a thread on this in November


Do we have an update

Edit: It has been there since Launch, I am surprised it hasn’t still been fixed


It has gotten better since launch. It was un-usable at first, and at some point it did get quite a bit better. But, I agree, it’s still bad. The only fix is starting a party chat.


I’ve always wondered why voice chat is so much better on Xbone than PS4. I mean, it’s laughably bad on PS4. It must be something with the networks.


I am actually worried that my headphones will get blown up by the horrible chat volume and quality, serious


If it was even worse at launch then I can’t even imagine what that would sound like. I got in a match and this guy was there trying to tell me how to work my role(support) and I could only hear like 10% of it because it sounded like he was yelling into the mic. Too much distortion. My brother and I resorted to ps4 party chat but that really hampers teamwork when we can’t hear the other 2 in the party and they can’t hear us.


for me, not better. same as launch

It honestly seems like its not a priority to them, even though almost all the ps4 players are complaining about it


It’s a shame that it isn’t considering how small the player base already is. Why turn off so many potential new players with such a small problem?

Edit: And soon would be a good time to do it as the main reason I got the game was because it is currently on sale on the PS4 store for $16 for deluxe edition. Just from playing last night I saw a ton of new players(determining rank in matchmaking).


Hey guys, so, not update for this on our next patch. I’m the producer tracking this though, and as a PS4 player myself I care deeply about this as well.

I promise it’s in our database and in good hands.


noooooooooooooo :frowning: :cry::sob::sob:

ok, maybe next time


It is good to know that it is still taken into account when tweaking. Still though, with this being posted about constantly since release of the game it absolutely baffles me that something so small hasn’t been addressed. This is just my opinion as a brand spankin’ new player. It sounds small, but as you know it makes a HUGE difference in communication which is essential in this game.

Edit: Especially when trying to learn from the seasoned players!


Your absolutely right!

It gotten to a point were I am now thinking that either

  1. They can’t fix it
  2. Its not their priority


We looked into it once before, but I think it required a networking programmer (or maybe a console specific programmer), which we’re short on at the moment. Related: if you know someone looking for job in those fields, tell them to apply via the website. Both jobs are listed, haha



That ties everything up!

Makes sense

Too bad I can’t apply, would LOVE to see you guys in action


I see. I appreciate the communication anyway, as that’s a rarity in a lot of game forums nowadays.


It definitely must be something PS4 specific because this is far from the only game I have these troubles with. Yet, you switch to party chat and everything is clear.


Seeing that it was mentioned they needed a networking programmer I would assume that’s the case. Something specific with the PSN. Sounds like a compression/resolution issue to me, but i’m no programmer. Only beginners experience with sound production.


It’s an issues but party chat is an easy fix also feel free to add me I’m on ps4 also my psn is the same as on here


The worst is when you join a game and the obnoxiously loud noise from someone’s mic comes through your TV, and your speakers start cracking and getting fuzzy while you desperately look for the remote and you think your TV is gonna break :sweat:


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