In game chat 3


I’m back!! Sometimes it mutes players if you have a party of four love this game really considering making it split screen CoM3AtMeSoN420 also wall running?? The trapper should have a boost when he she puts up there shield??


I think one of the devs said that there probably won’t be split-screen in the full game.

Wall running would be nice, maybe it could work by lowering you jet pack fuel at a reduced rate?

Also what kind of boost where you thinking the trapper should get?


Maybe like a damage to weapons and or def upgrade to all players or a debuff on monster only 5% would be awesome and yes the wall run reduction to jet pack would work but 5% jump added split screen would rock this game


In that said you’d prolly have to raise the monsters health by 10% with a buffed dome but it would even out